Zynga Teams Up With Snap for New Video Games

Zynga Teams Up With Snap for New Video Games

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Zynga has efficiently pivoted to mobile-basically based entirely distribution, but social-media partnerships are aloof a necessary share of its growth approach.

Keith Noonan

Zynga (NASDAQ:ZNGA) published an announcement on June 11 detailing a publishing partnership with Snap (NYSE:SNAP) that can bellow new games to the social media firm’s Snapchat social-media platform. The clicking open launched Bumped Out, the predominant game stemming from the expanded partnership, and it additionally confirmed that extra uncommon titles from the video game developer can be heading to Snap Video games.

Bumped Out sees gamers piloting virtual bumper automobiles and looking to push competitors out of digital arenas, and the game used to be made accessible for download straight following its decent unveiling. Gaming is a key growth avenue for Snap, and the firm launched at its recent Snap Companions Summit that bigger than 100 million customers had played titles on its service since the platform’s open in April 2019.

Three characters in vehicles from Zynga's 'Bumped Out.'

Image source: Zynga.

What does the partnership mean for Zynga and Snap?

Zynga led the social-gaming space before the complete lot up of the final decade thanks to solid engagement for titles hosted on Facebook, however the firm’s performance suffered as social gaming shifted far from browser-basically based entirely distribution in favor of app downloads on mobile devices. Zynga has since pivoted its replace to focal point on app-basically based entirely distribution, however the expanded partnership with Snap signals that the gaming firm is seeing renewed alternatives from working with social networks that would possibly host its titles.

Zynga released Puny Royale (a variation on the battle-royale type popularized by titles including Fortnite and Participant Unknown’s Battlegrounds) on Snapchat in 2019. Consumers didn’t get worthy detailed perception on how Puny Royale performed, however the expanded partnership means that Snap used to be soft with what the game developer delivered. Securing extra uncommon games will bolster fashioned boom material choices on Snapchat, and the expanded partnership would possibly aloof additionally fabricate additional growth avenues for Zynga.