You told us: A ton of you would buy a pricier Note 20 with a headphone jack

You told us: A ton of you would buy a pricier Note 20 with a headphone jack

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Samsung’s Galaxy Screech line has traditionally been for people that desire extra out of their smartphones — extra display camouflage, extra battery, extra multitasking parts. That’s, till the Galaxy Screech 10. Samsung adopted the industry and eradicated the headphone jack from the Screech 10 series, marking a absorbing shift within the Screech line’s philosophy. This, obviously, became many participants far off from the Screech.

But what if Samsung introduced wait on the headphone jack within the Galaxy Screech 20? If a Screech 20 variant with a headphone jack went for, recount, $50 extra, would you make a selection it? We asked you this very build a query to final week. Out of virtually 25,000 total votes, the overall outcomes seem to be rather split.

Would you pay $50 extra for a Galaxy Screech 20 with a headphone jack?


There’s loads to dig into here. Overall, the outcomes are split virtually down the heart. 53.3% of voters acknowledged they wouldn’t make a selection a headphone jacked Screech 20 for $50 extra, whereas 46.7% acknowledged they would.

Voters on the gain pages and Instagram positively voted in prefer of the headphone jack returning. 63.55% on the gain pages and 55.36% of voters on Instagram acknowledged they’d utilize the extra money.

Issues performed out a miniature bit otherwise on Twitter and Facebook. 53% of Twitter voters and 63% of Facebook voters acknowledged they would no longer pay the extra $50 for a headphone jack.

Will we predict Samsung would truly build a Screech 20 with a headphone jack? Potentially no longer. But if it did, it would clearly be completely liked by Screech fans.

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Right here’s what you had to recount

Listed below are one of the most bright feedback from final week’s poll explaining why they voted the model that they did:

  • JosephHindy: If it maintain been an LG model jack with an Amp and dac in it, hell yeah.But a conventional headphone jack prices like a share of a cent in bulk, an up cost like that is ridiculous.So, my retort is perhaps lol.
  • DBS: Is that $50 headphone jack an LG headphone jack with the high quality quadDAC in it? ’trigger that’s the completely map a headphone jack would cost $50.Anyway, I won’t make a selection a cellular phone with out a headphone jack, no subject the price. If I’m already paying +1000€ for a cellular phone, it must maintain the entire lot in-constructed, in conjunction with a headphone jack. How grand the headphone jack prices the OEM is of no difficulty to me.
  • Itamar Baum: I would want to recount no, however it completely is no longer because I don’t think the headphone jack is price $50, it is far extra to you to the actual fact that’s correct a blueprint weeding out a feature that is continuously there and then charging a top rate for it makes me nauseous. What’s subsequent? Pay extra for having an ear share?
  • Bob Veats: That $50 is ridiculous. What does the component truly cost to position within the cellular phone, 20 cents? I desire the jack, and I’ll make a selection the cellular phone that offers it to me. I don’t are looking out out for to tug a $10 dongle around that support me from using headphones and charging the cellular phone on the the same time. With your total varied sensors, bells and whistles I don’t bellow day to day, I don’t are looking out out for to make a selection $200 pair of wireless headphones that wants day to day charging both.
  • KEVIN: Would pay $150 for a removable battery
  • cnote0127: Let me rephrase the build a query to?…will I make a selection a cellular phone with out the jack….no.
  • Kyle Turner: I WOULD NOT PAY $50.00 FOR A NOTE 20, PERIOD (unless I changed into as soon as free to put it on the market unused on ebay). Really, if I had to support the Screech 20 and bellow it, I’d make no longer maintain any interest if the price changed into as soon as $0.00 (free)! I’m a dilapidated Samsung Screech cellular phone loyalist who hates what Samsung did to the Screech Phones, beginning with the Screech 7. Samsung can support its no headphone jack, crooked edge reward and display camouflage facet ratio that is taller/narrower than 16:9! 😝
  • ShawnSnow: third option: No. Masses of assorted telephones that provide one at no extra price.
  • DiamondDNice: completely. I bellow the headphone jack at work because bluetooth doesn’t final all day on a single battery cost. That acknowledged the demonstrate is simply too gigantic and curiously the Samsung 10e is a high option for my subsequent cellular phone because it has a headphone jack and is no longer an immense cellular phone.I’d add that, there are presumably many many varied “parts” that I’d gladly lose sooner than a headphone jack. A entire lot of the feature, face unlock as an illustration, are no longer particularly essential to me. I’d shield a camera that’s $20 more cost effective to gain a headphone jack.
  • pda96: I am a mountainous fan of the jack. And I desire a jack on every cellular phone. But $50 is outrageous.
  • Jeffrey Raphael: I bellow Bluetooth, so I don’t care about the headphone jack.Why would anyone are looking out out for to pay extra for one thing that earlier Galaxy Screech telephones had?That does no longer build any sense.

That’s it for this week. As continuously, thanks for balloting, thanks for the feedback, and don’t put out of your mind to permit us to know what you blueprint to be the outcomes under.