Yarntown is Bloodborne remade as a top-down Zelda

Yarntown is Bloodborne remade as a top-down Zelda

An indie developer has remade Bloodborne’s Central Yharnam area as a top-down 16-bit Zelda – and it’s fantastic.

Yarntown even includes the Cleric Beast and Father Gascoigne fights from From Software’s superb PlayStation 4 exclusive.

It’s the work of a developer called Max Mraz, who remade Bloodborne’s cursed gothic town in the top-down Zelda style using the Solarus engine.

So I made Bloodborne but it’s super cute and it’s also kinda Zelda. And it’s out!:https://t.co/cjx5zz5lvC#screenshotsaturday #pixelart #indiegame #bloodborne#solarus pic.twitter.com/033IVYfHlp

— Max Mraz (@11Mraz) July 18, 2020

The game places the player in the Hunter’s Dream area, and from there you explore Central Yharnam – or in this case Yarntown – using a normal melee attack, a charged attack and pistol fire. Dodge rolls consume stamina.

It’s an impressive recreation, with all the varied routes and shortcuts you’d expect of a From Software epic in the classic Zelda style. Enemies from the original are present and correct, too, but it’s the boss fights that stand out.

Download Yarntown here.