Xfinity Flex Review: Should You Use Comcast’s Free Streaming Device?

Xfinity Flex Review: Should You Use Comcast’s Free Streaming Device?

Xfinity is offering its internet-supreme customers a fresh, free manner to whisk TV.

Nonetheless is the Xfinity Flex system factual ample to bear in mind giving up your Roku Categorical or Amazon Fire TV Stick?

I signed up for Xfinity internet after I moved proper into a fresh home currently. The Comcast installation technician told me I became once eligible to receive the Flex system free of payment since I became once an internet-supreme buyer. I became once skeptical, but he left it with me to are trying.

Xfinity provides both a receiver box and a remote control with the Flex device.

After reviewing several streaming gadgets for Group Clark, in conjunction with the fresh TiVo Circulation 4K, I made up my mind it became once time to position the Flex to the check.

In this review, I’ll show you what I loved and didn’t relish about the Flex after spending a couple of days using it as the main streaming system on one in all my televisions. I’ll additionally compare the Flex to a couple of of basically the most smartly-most well liked streaming gadgets.

Xfinity Flex: The Fundamentals

What Is the Xfinity Flex?

The Xfinity Flex is a TV streaming system equipped free-of-imprint to Xfinity internet-supreme customers. It streams on-keep a matter to television reveals and flicks as smartly as some stay streaming sing. Streaming customers of Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video can secure entry to their subscriptions on their televisions thru this Comcast system.

The Flex additionally lets Xfinity customers exercise their TVs to manipulate diverse Xfinity companies, similar to parental controls for the receive and in-home security (within the occasion that they exercise Xfinity Residence).

How Can I Decide up the Xfinity Flex?

You delight in gotten to be an Xfinity internet subscriber to secure secure entry to to the Xfinity Flex. This plan is now not within the marketplace on the beginning market and isn’t smartly suited with non-Comcast internet carrier.

Contact Xfinity or log into your Xfinity legend to quiz a Flex system for your legend.

Why Is It Free?

Whereas you’re relish me, you might per chance per chance well per chance additionally very smartly be questioning: What’s the pick?

Presumably, Xfinity affords the Flex as a manner to pick a competing streaming system — relish a Roku or Amazon Fire product — out of your hands. And in that activity, Comcast is conserving customers inner its sing ecosystem so that you just’ll be more inclined to rent motion footage, subscribe to HBO or even decide into extra Xfinity companies relish cable TV or home security.

It’s additionally to take into accounta good manner to promote NBCUniversal-associated sing, similar to the fresh Peacock streaming network.

What Comes Preloaded on the Software program? 

The factual info is that many current streaming alternatives are already loaded on the system. Whereas you activate the Flex system, you’ll straight delight in secure entry to to the next:

  • Peacock (free secure entry to)
  • Pluto TV (free secure entry to)
  • HBO (subscription required)
  • Netflix (subscription required)
  • Amazon Prime Video (subscription required)
  • Hulu (subscription required)
  • CBS All-Entry (subscription required)
  • Xumo (free secure entry to)
  • Tubi TV (free secure entry to)

You additionally can whisk music with the Flex, using current companies relish Pandora, iHeart Radio, YouTube and Amazon Music.

The scandalous info is that you just’re out of luck ought to you pick a streaming carrier that’s now not preloaded on the Flex system. Xfinity retains the ecosystem locked down to its accomplice streaming apps: You might per chance per chance well per chance additionally’t accumulate an exterior carrier relish you might per chance per chance well per chance on a more customizable app. So as an illustration, you’re now not going so that you just might per chance stare YouTubeTV or Sling TV on the Xfinity Flex.

3 Issues In regards to the Xfinity Flex That I Loved

1. Surroundings It Up Used to be Extraordinarily Simple

The Xfinity Flex setup activity became once painless. Assembly took me lower than two minutes.

The Xfinity Flex has four components: a remote control, receiver box, power cord and HDMI cord.

There are gorgeous four items included with the system:

  • Flex receiver
  • Express-show remote set watch over
  • Energy adapter
  • HDMI cord

Setup takes gorgeous 5 steps: 1) Connect the energy adapter to the assist of the Flex receiver; 2) Connect the HDMI cord into the assist of the Flex receiver; 3) Connect the energy adapter to a nearby energy outlet; 4) Connect the HDMI cord to your television; 5) Flip on the Flex receiver with your remote set watch over.

For the reason that system is already paired with your Xfinity internet legend, the Flex automatically connects to your in-home Xfinity WiFi. That cuts down on the setup time horny substantially.

(Repeat: Your trip might per chance per chance well additionally very smartly be diverse ought to you don’t hire the Xfinity router/modem combo. You might per chance per chance well per chance additionally delight in to role up the Flex manually, but you additionally might per chance per chance well additionally very smartly be saving cash through the use of your procure gear. Nice work!)

2. Peacock Is Included For Free

This might per chance additionally very smartly be the prime perk of the Flex. NBCUniversal, which additionally is owned by Xfinity-mother or father Comcast, has a stay and on-keep a matter to video streaming subscription carrier called Peacock. It can well be on hand to customers with any streaming system starting in July 2020, but this might per chance occasionally additionally very smartly be free for Xfinity customers who exercise the Flex system. The long-established imprint for the subscription level of Peacock is $4.99 per 30 days.

Hit NBC reveals relish The Location of enterprise, 30 Rock and Parks and Recreation will soon call Peacock their uncommon streaming home.

You might per chance per chance well per chance additionally read more about the Peacock streaming carrier in Group Clark’s review of the platform, which is one in all our many video streaming carrier opinions.

3. Flex Serves Many Capabilities if You’re Plugged Into the Xfinity Ecosystem

Xfinity customers will net that you just might per chance per chance well per chance additionally attain bigger than gorgeous whisk TV with the Flex.

Xfinity Flex allows users to set parental controls on the Xfi internet device.

Whereas you hire Xfinity’s XFi to again as your router and WiFi system, you’ll be in a area to personalize your WiFi network with your Flex remote set watch over. It affords you secure entry to to knowledge relish how worthy knowledge you’ve venerable, what time of day you’re using the receive basically the most and a system-by-system analysis of usage that you just might per chance per chance well per chance additionally video show and limit with parental controls.

Xfinity subscribers who pay for home security thru Xfinity Residence can exercise the Flex to manipulate and video show settings thru their televisions. And with the recount-show remote, you’re in a area to call up these functions with relative ease.

You additionally can secure entry to a native climate yarn and curated info tales from the Xfinity Flex menu show veil.

3 Issues In regards to the Xfinity Flex That Have been Fairly Awful

1. It Doesn’t Have Most Standard Live Streaming TV Apps

Hear to this gripe, as a consequence of I train it’s most certainly a deal-breaker for lots of streaming junkies.

Whereas the Xfinity Flex does enable you log in to a couple of of the mainstream video streaming subscription companies, similar to Netflix and Hulu, this might per chance occasionally additionally now not enable for stay streaming TV subscriptions from a non-Comcast entity.

Which map you’re going to need an different manner to whisk TV ought to you subscribe to YouTube TV, Sling TV or Hulu Live.

Whereas you’re looking to search out free streaming TV alternatives, the Flex does delight in companies Pluto TV, Xumo and Tubi preloaded on the system. Those delight in some stay parts to them, but they’re a far yowl from the paid companies.

2. You Can’t Add Any Extra Video Streaming Companies and products

Attain you secure pleasure from the sing on Disney+? Are you inflamed to demand Apple’s fresh streaming carrier?

On the time of this writing, there might per chance be rarely any manner to secure entry to these streaming companies thru the Xfinity Flex. When evaluating this to a Roku or Amazon Fire TV system, that’s a principal peril. Both of these enable you add apps for lots of basically the most smartly-most well liked streaming companies.

3. The A ways away Is a Little Clunky

After a couple of years of using a smaller, more minimalist remote with Roku and Amazon Fire gadgets, it became once roughly laborious to expose assist the clock to exercise the remote Xfinity gave me for the Flex.

Remark a perceive. From left to gorgeous: Roku Premiere, Amazon Fire TV Stick, TiVo Circulation 4K and the Xfinity Flex remote.

In a side-by-side comparison, the Xfinity Flex remote is much larger than those offered streaming TV competitors.

As you might per chance per chance well per chance additionally stare, there’s a noticeable size distinction. From the appears to be like, Flex’s remote is far nearer to a passe cable or satellite TV remote.

The performance is per chance nearer to a classic “field receiver” remote as smartly. Whereas there are some minute variations, the Xfinity Flex remote feels and functions worthy relish the remote you secure with Xfinity’s X1 cable television carrier.

As I discussed earlier, the remote does delight in a responsive recount show system, so it’s now not all scandalous info.

Can the Xfinity Flex Replace a Roku or Amazon Fire TV Software program?

Whereas you’re pondering the Xfinity Flex, that seemingly map you’ve already made up our minds to slice the cord from Comcast’s passe cable subscription.

As a “first step” into the streaming world, I will be able to stare how the Xfinity Flex in most cases is a factual stepping stone system. It’s horny easy to exercise, and it has a familiar “cable TV” feel with its interface and remote performance.

It affords recount-show capabilities on its remote, streams in 4K and has a person-friendly search feature that makes it easy to search out sing on hand all the highest map thru all apps. Those are functions that stack up smartly against a Roku or Amazon Fire TV system.

Nonetheless, for lots of folks, it’s now not an ample replacement for lots of current streaming gadgets. As the streaming world advances and fresh companies reduce up reputedly by the day, flexibility is king with your streaming system.

And Xfinity is missing the stamp by other than for apps that might per chance per chance well additionally very smartly be seen as competitors for its present line of television merchandise.

Whereas you subscribe to current streaming companies relish Disney+ or YouTube TV, it most certainly is immediate-witted to forgo the Flex and spend $30 for a Roku Categorical so that you just might per chance per chance well per chance additionally in point of truth whisk the sing you relish.

Final Understanding

Are you pondering using the Xfinity Flex as a streaming system for one in all your televisions? Right here are some pros and cons to bear in mind sooner than making the switch:

Xfinity Flex: Professionals and Cons

Professionals Cons
Free for Xfinity internet customers Restricted secure entry to to stay streaming alternatives relish YouTube TV
Complimentary secure entry to to NBC’s Peacock Lacking on-keep a matter to streaming from Disney+ and HBO Max
Express-show remote included Only accessible for Xfinity customers

Backside Line: Whereas you’re already an Xfinity internet-supreme subscriber, it’s worth making an attempt out the Flex since there’s no monetary responsibility. You might per chance per chance well per chance additionally net that you just relish it. And also you might per chance per chance well per chance additionally net the free secure entry to to the subscription-level of Peacock is worth conserving the Flex on one in all your televisions.

Nonetheless this plan is ineffective to non-Comcast customers, and it’s severely hindered by its restrictions for stay streaming TV apps. For most streaming consumers, right here’s now not going to attain the job ought to you’re taking a perceive to alter a Roku, Amazon Fire or Apple streaming product.

Attain you might per chance per chance well per chance additionally delight in the Xfinity Flex connected to at least one in all your televisions? We’d admire to hear about your experiences within the feedback under!

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