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What the Cluck? KFC Announces New Video Game Console - BGKNews - Web Development & Technology News, tips-tricks & Hows-To's.
What the Cluck? KFC Announces New Video Game Console

What the Cluck? KFC Announces New Video Game Console

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The buzz spherical upcoming game consoles from Sony and Microsoft has been building progressively, and KFC — certain, that KFC — has evidently made up our minds right here is the time to shake up the company’s recipe for success.

KFC has declared that this would just initiate a game console on November 12, 2020, with a declaration on Twitter. Glimpse the KFConsole:

The manner forward for gaming is right here.

Introducing the KFConsole. #PowerYourHunger pic.twitter.com/ssUrX41Ab1

— KFC Gaming (@kfcgaming) June 12, 2020

KFC’s Value Engagement Manager for the UK and Eire, Josh Benge, released the next assertion:

At KFC we’ve been consistently astounded by the gaming neighborhood’s perfect response to everything we’ve performed and we had to present support with one thing in fact improbable. We desired to present avid gamers the totally gaming ride on the market, with the convenience of a home chicken provide and so the the KFConsole was once born. We are able to’t wait to get into our followers’ hands later this year.

The genuine PR references an “11GHz Zinger processor,” and I in fact need to enable you to know that’s absolute proof that right here is a shaggy dog story — with the exception of corporations have been known to play fast and loose with clocks and core counts sooner than, with bird-brained references to “128-bit” consoles precise during the PS2 and Dreamcast era.

Constructing a Console: No Poultry Process

Pro Tip: In case you dangle to must take dangle of a wild journalist in its native habitat, sprinkle suave headlines and subheads precise during the govt. center building and/or studio apartment unless you hear the journalist quietly chuckling to itself. Transfer quietly. Provide small quantities of reward unless the cautious journalist approaches. Many subspecies acknowledge neatly to espresso.  

The game console substitute is famously subtle to enter. If there’s a significant game demographic calling for chicken-themed products, we don’t hear from them very unheard of. No matter KFC’s thought was once with this, it looks to have labored. I are looking to know if the company is basically planning to get a game console with a chicken chamber, even in the event that they’re stretching the definition of “console” to mean “You might possibly possibly likely hook it as much as a TV and play a built-in copy of the Colonel Sanders-themed relationship simulator, I Take care of You, Colonel Sanders.” (This is an staunch thing that genuinely exists and is for sale on Steam. I’m no longer linking it.)


Ruin me.

“It has to be a shaggy dog story,” I whispered to myself for the 20th time while penning this text. “Chicken chamber? ‘Zinger’ processor? 11GHz? It’s a shaggy dog story. The video quality is crap. No one is important about this.”

“4K compatibility,” the traitorous segment of my brain whispered support. “Contaminated-platform love minded. Runs at 120 FPS. And fast-food corporations enact in fact dumb issues. Any individual at Burger King thought The King was once a staunch mascot. Any individual else made up our minds no longer to walk that thing leisurely the support of the studio and shoot it for the staunch of all mankind. Mistakes were made.”

Chicken chamber. No one would in fact get this product. No one might possibly likely agree with this was once a product. It’s a shaggy dog story. It’s going to negate out to be a chicken fryer and the total ‘120fps’ and ‘4K’ will became references to varied settings or jokes or one thing. Potentially lame jokes.”

“Bitch, please. It’s 2020.”

“Reveal me you furthermore mght can very neatly be fully, positively definite that no company would enact this. I didn’t converse it wouldn’t suck. I talked about it will most likely additionally exist.”

“I web.”

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