We bought Walmart’s $140 laptop so you wouldn’t have to

We bought Walmart’s $140 laptop so you wouldn’t have to

a sheet of copper is no longer a “cooling device” —

EVOO’s 11.6″ EV-C-116-5 has more sizable problems than its low specs point out.

Jim Salter

The cheerful purple chassis is by far the best thing about Walmart's cheapest laptop.

Amplify / The tickled crimson chassis is by some distance the finest factor about Walmart’s most fee-effective pc.

Jim Salter

One survey on the specs on Walmart’s most fee-effective pc—the EVOO EV-C-116-5—makes it determined to any technical fanatic that the tool is no longer exactly going to be a powerhouse. However the microscopic pc finest charges $139, and its stats appear to stack up correctly with $200-$250 Chromebooks. So no longer too prolonged ago, I ponied up my credit card and ordered one. In crimson.

Amongst us Arsians, or no longer it is glaring that the EVOO is no longer going to be a right quite loads of for a Home windows pc. With finest 2GiB of RAM, the EVOO acquired’t be ready to escape the relaxation with out hammering digital memory (swapping files from RAM to disk and support again). Past that, a 32GB SSD merely is no longer adequate room for Home windows itself, let alone any capabilities. The significant time the EVOO tries to upgrade to a brand current make of Home windows 10 (to illustrate, Home windows 10 make 2004, which factual launched final month), it could well perhaps per chance fail due to lack of home.

That doesn’t basically point out the pc is entirely useless, though. Per chance it ought to be reloaded with Linux—even “heavyweight” distributions like Ubuntu are considerably more straightforward on both RAM and storage than Home windows is. Heck, even per chance the assumption that a 2GiB RAM, 32GB SSD pc can not escape Home windows 10 correctly isn’t all the time rather excellent. There became once finest one choice to uncover.


Specs at a survey: EVOO EV-C-116-5
OS Home windows 10 Home (S mode)
CPU twin-core AMD A4-9120
GPU integrated Radeon R3
Wi-Fi Realtek RTL873B—2.4GHz finest, 802.11n + Bluetooth
SSD Foresee 32GB (29.8GiB) eMMC
Battery 4500 mAH @ 7.6V (34.2WH)
Present 11.6″ 1080p
Connectivity left side:

  • Barrel DC jack
  • USB3 form A
  • HDMI out

excellent side:

  • 3.5mm headset jack
    USB2 form A
  • MicroSD slot
Tag as tested $139 at Walmart

The significant factor any prospective consumer ought to peaceful to find out about cheap pc designs like this one is that 32GB is mainly no longer adequate to sustainably escape Home windows 10. The 2d factor customers ought to peaceful know is that 32GB doesn’t, sadly, point out what they center of attention on it intention—when the specification says GB, it intention GB.

Home windows measures storage in GiB, no longer GB—and 32GB is finest 29.8GiB, of which but another 1GiB is consumed in restoration directory, 3GiB is consumed by the Home windows pagefile, and about a hundred MiB more are devoted to the hibernation file and swapfile.

In the occasion you are questioning why there’s both a pagefile and a swapfile, or no longer this is thanks to Home windows UWP apps. They (and finest they) utilize the “swapfile” rather than the “pagefile” in describe to cache themselves for rapid opening on device reboot, amongst other issues.

The 2GiB of RAM specified is additionally criminally low: even in S mode and on first boot, the device had finest 300MiB of headroom in RAM. Which intention there’s successfully no memory to commit to working-device caching, and the device is continuously hitting the pagefile tough adequate to qualify as a abominate crime.

The one portion of this approach that seems to be legitimately suited for cause—the AMD A4-9120 CPU—additionally turns out to be a topic. Most regularly, the A4-9120 could well per chance be a intellectual quite loads of for a funds pc or netbook, and it could well perhaps per chance compete strongly with Intel’s Celeron counterparts. The EV-C-116-5, sadly, is the relaxation but “traditional”—and the A4-9120 can not originate up to its traditional specifications.

First impressions

  • Here’s the 11.6″ EVOO, freshly booted into Home windows 10 Home, sitting atop my Moft Z folding pc stand.

    Jim Salter

  • On the left side, we have a DC barrel jack, a USB3 form A port, and an HDMI out. There is no silk-conceal impress for these, and to boot you wish very right lights to read the bas-relief icons.

    Jim Salter

  • The rear explore of the EVOO is positively its most efficient attitude. I love its cheerfully colored, straightforward facade and comparatively shimmering logo in one corner.

    Jim Salter

  • On the EVOO’s excellent side, we have a 3.5mm headphone jack—exactly the same diameter as its DC barrel jack—a USB2 form A port, and a microSD card reader.

    Jim Salter

  • The EVOO’s keyboard is surprisingly nice on this form of slight, cheap device. EXCEPT for the inexplicable random relocation of the backslash, which is spirited to utilize the sanity of Home windows and Linux energy users alike.

    Jim Salter

I knew higher than to own excessive hopes for the below-specced EVOO as a Home windows machine, but I basically desired to just like the microscopic pc. Its brightly colored plastic case is appealing but unassuming, and I had excessive hopes that it could well perhaps per chance peaceful fabricate a solid Chromebook quite loads of for Linux users.

The demonstrate on the EVOO is FHD 1080p, no longer the 1366×768 out of the ordinary of many cheap laptops. Here’s a main plus for energy users who need more conceal right estate. Sadly, these self same energy users will desire to defenestrate the microscopic pc, due to its racy rehoming of the backslash key. EVOO determined that the backslash, generally located right away above Enter, could well per chance be higher off sandwiched between excellent-Alt and excellent-Ctrl.

Relocating this key is a subject on Home windows, attributable to the backslash is the directory separator when typing out paths on the notify line or within the Explorer address bar. It’s additionally a topic on Linux notify lines, the keep the backslash is the “get away” operator dilapidated to nullify particular utilize-cases of characters. As an illustration, one could well per chance cp !folder /tmp/ to replica a folder named !folder, since otherwise Bash would define the bang as an match.

The inability of silk-screening on the pc’s side-mounted ports is but but another suppose—the gray-on-gray bas-relief labeling is form of no longer doable to fabricate out in traditional lights. As soon as I first predicament this pc up, I naively plugged the charger into the headphone jack, and it felt completely honest there. I did not realize my mistake until checking the battery and questioning why it wasn’t charging.

The USB ports on the pc were very tight. I needed both hands and a few willpower to get a USB thumbdrive or wireless mouse radio inserted on either side of the pc. I needed both hands and a range of willpower to get them out again, as correctly.

The plastic dilapidated for the EVOO’s chassis is strangely gentle. The plastic is rather thick and the pc is slight and light-weight, so it doesn’t basically feel flimsy. However the gentle plastic doesn’t bode correctly for scratch resistance, and it makes facing the stubborn USB plugs even more disturbing.