Warzone leak reveals full auto attachment coming for the FAL

Warzone leak reveals full auto attachment coming for the FAL

latest weapon changes, which saw nerfs to the likes of the Grau, Mp5, and more.

This semi-automatic weapon can be quite difficult to master, as it requires players to focus on maintaining a high fire rate as well as keeping steady aim, however, that may be changing.

Fal loadout screen in Modern warfare
Infinity Ward / Activision

A new attachment for the FAL could be coming soon.

New leaks reveal that the classic Call of Duty gun could be receiving a buff, in the form of a new attachment that would make it fully automatic.

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As the weapon is already known for ripping through armor and dishing out considerable damage in Warzone, this buff could push the weapon to the very top tier in Warzone.

The leaks were shared by ModernWarzone, who highlighted that a FAL full auto attachment would be coming soon, after sharing their thoughts on the best weapons in Warzone.

— ModernWarzone (@ModernWarzone) July 11, 2020

ModernWarzone also shared an early look at this new attachment, which would soon be available for the gun, and revealed that it was titled the “Full-Auto Conversion.”

While the FAL is now expected to receive a full-auto upgrade, it is likely that the weapon will have a slower fire rate than some of the other weapons in its class, to help balance these expected changes.

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As of now, it is unknown whether this new feature will be unlocked through weapon rank progression or if Infinity Ward has plans for it to be earned through some sort of challenges instead.

It is also unclear when we can expect this new attachment to arrive on in Modern Warfare and Warzone, as it’s yet to be officially confirmed by the developers. As with all leaks, we’ll simply have to wait on confirmation.