Valorant Update 1.01 Patch Notes: Sage Nerfed And More

Valorant Update 1.01 Patch Notes: Sage Nerfed And More

After plenty of weeks in closed beta, Valorant in the waste launched on PC on the launch of the month. Its first put up-delivery patch is change 1.01, which arrives gorgeous one week after Valorant launched via change 1.0. Patch 1.01 brings with it about a critical changes, including a nerf to healer character Legend and a little addition to Spike Flee mode. There remains to be no notice on when ranked mode is coming attend. Read extra in regards to the changes, as well to the fleshy patch notes, below.

Legend, the defensive educated with healing capabilities–officially categorized as a Sentinel–has bought a 50% reduction to her Barrier Orb cast differ, from 20 meters to 10 meters. In step with Riot, here’s to toughen Legend’s specialty in defending managed territory, but discourage overly aggressive play. Because the patch notes negate, “The 20m cast differ used to be permitting Legend to aggressively do away with attend an eye on of just territory in a technique that used to be inaccurate for her role in Valorant.”

Spike Flee mode now has a handful of new strength-up orb kinds, including the Health Orb, Deception Orb, and a strong one-shot, one-rupture Golden Gun that grants the wielder other non permanent advantages.

Read extra about what change 1.01 affords, including efficiency changes, malicious program fixes, and quality-of-existence additions, in the fleshy patch notes below, or be taught them on Riot’s first fee weblog.

Valorant Update 1.01 Patch Notes – June 9



  • Barrier Orb cast differ diminished 20>>> 10 meters
    • As a Sentinel, Legend is supposed to be easiest when defending territory that she already controls. The 20m cast differ used to be permitting Legend to aggressively do away with attend an eye on of just territory in a technique that used to be inaccurate for her role in Valorant. This differ reduction targets to attend her sturdy while defending territory but decrease her efficacy at taking ground.



  • Fixed plenty of spots the build weapons had been falling thru the sphere and problems with wall penetration

All Maps

  • Modified plenty of call out names to better match participant terms


  • Every sport of Spike Flee now capabilities a purpose of 5 randomly selected orbs
    • The Fleshy Last orb will at all times be accessible
    • 4 of the supreme 7 orb kinds will likely be chosen at random
  • Chosen orb kinds will likely be proven in an outline widget both in character do away with out and one day of pre-spherical

Sleek Orb Forms

  • Health Orb – Grants teamwide health regen (rapid)
    • 20 2d duration
    • 12 HP per 2d (3HP per tick)
    • SFX/VFX only play while if truth be told healing
  • Deception Orb – Applies “Paranoia” to the enemy crew 3 seconds after decide
    • 10 2d debuff
    • Vision is considerably diminished (and a little Arena of Vision shift)
    • Wrong footsteps and gunfire play for affected players
    • Minimap is disabled
  • Golden Gun – Grants taking pictures participant a Golden Gun
    • One-shot, one-rupture
    • Completely correct at all instances
    • Agent strikes at knife recede
    • Most efficient has a single bullet in chamber and 2 backup rounds
    • Kills grant an additional spherical


  • Sleek pre-spherical HUD ingredient that reveals the weapon & ability orb kinds for the present spherical.
  • Gamers now get hang of 1 last point for gathering any orb.


Our efficiency work this patch essentially specializes in bettering efficiency one day of fight and identical old efficiency enhancements for prime spec machines. The sport need to if truth be told feel even smoother in fight and a range of scenes will likely own increased moderate FPS reckoning to your spec.

  • Strive in opposition to Perf : We had been ready to repair quite about a issues causing dips one day of fight.
    • Skins for 9/10 players had been failing to pre-load in the game. The main time you’d stumble upon these skin in-sport you’d experience a topple in framerate.
    • Decreased physique dips that would occur when a rupture callout used to be added or removed to the hud.
    • Improved the efficiency of the Viper particular HUD substances which had some efficiency problems.
  • +FPS on Mid to Excessive Spec : We had been ready to toughen CPU bottlenecks in about a areas all around the code as effectively. Decrease spec machines would possibly per chance presumably presumably also simply quiet revenue from these originate of enhancements but would only scrutinize the beneficial properties one day of fight.
    • Added multithreaded rendering attend for prime discontinue machines. If your machine meets the requirements to revenue from multithreaded rendering, you are going to scrutinize a brand new possibility to show it on or off in the Graphics Quality menu. It is on by default for these machines
    • Multithreaded rendering improves efficiency in scenes the build the worth of managing objects that need to be rendered exceeds the worth of the game simulation and the worth of if truth be told rendering the scene on the GPU. These conditions most in most cases occur when provocative thru scenes with a total bunch objects viewed (ex. Spoil up attacker spawn) and in conditions the build the game simulation doesn’t require worthy work (ex. practice differ, out of fight gameplay, and quite loads of others.).
  • Multithreaded vision cones; minimap vision cones will now compute on one other thread, if or no longer it is ready to
  • Great VFX passes all over all maps, this diminished the CPU side brand of these particles by permitting the GPU to develop extra of the simulation
  • Transformed shopper efficiency Stats to incorporate extra detailed breakdown of physique instances


  • Sova’s Recon Paddle will behave extra consistently and only cloak the percentage of enemies slack a wall
  • Added a atmosphere that lets in the stock to at all times seem
  • Pings will no longer diagram over allies and enemies when placed slack them
  • Transition out of sport now reveals the scheme you gorgeous carried out in wish to Brimstone and Legend walking into a teleporter
  • In the taking pictures differ, changing character now uses a lightweight and further performant UI than the gallop going into a match
  • Missions on the discontinue of sport cloak are now sorted by completion and by kind
  • Minor visible enhancements to Contract and Battlepass rewards in the progression widget positioned on the tip of the cloak


  • Fixed affirm the build translucent particles, delight in smoke layers, would cloak thru Reyna’s Nearsight.
  • Fixed VFX that obscured Reyna’s cloak if she scoped while healing
  • Reyna’s overheal health no longer incorrectly reveals 151 total when maxed
  • Cypher Spycameras placed on the teleporter door frames on Bind no longer teleport or no longer it is peek space underground
  • Cypher’s Cyber Cage no longer holds the teleporter doorways on Bind launch
  • The Quandary-of-Manufacture indicators for Sova’s Recon Plug and Reyna’s Uncover now only cloak up on the enemy’s minimap if the participant or their allies are shut to the affected condominium
  • Fixed enter and other a mode of objects of Agent attend an eye on UI showing up for spectators
  • Fixed a malicious program the build dead participant’s 1st-particular person fingers would seem to be floating in the air
  • Fixed a malicious program the build activating a sprig would possibly per chance presumably presumably also exit ADS while firing
  • Fixed a malicious program with the Bullet Tracers atmosphere, having this atmosphere active old to also disable muzzle flash on some weapons as well to to tracers
  • Fixed a arena with the mouse cursor flickering when provocative it over the scoreboard
  • Fixed a arena with milliseconds in the spherical timer no longer being correct
  • Fixed a arena with some keybindings no longer showing keybinding conflicts warnings accurately
  • Fixed an Observer malicious program the build the first particular person being noticed in the game didn’t own a character portrait
  • Fixed a arena with computerized weapons in most cases ever ever no longer showing tracers or audio effects when fired briefly bursts
  • Fixed a malicious program the build the defuse bar used to be duplicated
  • Fixed allege enter/output gadgets and settings no longer persisting all over sessions
  • Fixed a slew of localization problems all over discontinue of sport monitors
  • Fixed a handful of visible problems all over discontinue of sport monitors
  • Fixed a arena whispering players of the identical name/identical old DM enhancements
  • Improved chat carrier error messaging
  • Settings menu is now letterboxed as intended
  • Whereas on the Brokers page, clicking on COLLECTION now accurately navigates attend to the Arsenal page

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