Valorant patch 1.1 notes: Sage nerf, Spike Rush changes

Valorant patch 1.1 notes: Sage nerf, Spike Rush changes

Valorant’s first reliable publish-free up patch is right here and it isn’t the very finest patch on this planet. Since Valorant has handiest been out for roughly a week, it’s no surprise that it isn’t getting many changes exact yet, nonetheless there are a number of crucial tweaks like a nerf to Narrative and a number of Spike Bustle changes.

Narrative can also very successfully be Valorant’s most-nerfed character in both beta and free up. It isn’t on yarn of she’s oppressively solid or over-powered, it’s on yarn of she’s always invaluable. Her heal and gradual skills mean she’s massive on defense, nonetheless her wall also made her a dauntless Agent on attack, as successfully.

This is where primarily the most up-to-date nerf is available in, as Rebellion is lowering her wall’s vary from 20 meters to 10 meters, which must withhold her from being too oppressive, no longer much less than when she’s attacking.

The patch also brings numerous changes to Spike Bustle, in particular the attain the vitality-up orbs spawn on the procedure. After the patch, every game of Spike Bustle will objective four randomly chosen orbs and the closing orb. The random orbs would maybe be chosen from a pool of seven which is ready to now consist of a number of contemporary orbs as successfully:

  • Health Orb — Grants a whole team a brief heal
  • Deception Orb — Gives the enemy team “Paranoia” making it advanced to peep for them
  • Golden Gun Orb — Grants a obvious one-shot, one-raze gun that handiest has three bullets, nonetheless will grant the user an additional bullet for every raze.

For an inventory of your whole changes that came with Valorant patch 1.1 yow will locate the plump notes below.

Valorant patch 1.1 notes

Gameplay and Steadiness


  • Barrier Orb solid vary diminished 20>>> 10 meters

As a Sentinel, Narrative is speculated to be most productive when defending territory that she already controls. The 20m solid vary used to be permitting Narrative to aggressively capture withhold watch over of objective territory in a attain that used to be sinful for her objective in Valorant. This vary reduction goals to retain her solid whereas defending territory nonetheless prick support her efficacy at taking ground.

Draw Updates


  • Mounted numerous spots where weapons had been falling by diagram of the world and disorders with wall penetration

All Maps

  • Modified numerous call out names to raised match player terms

Spike Bustle Substitute

Every game of Spike Bustle now aspects a build of abode of 5 randomly chosen orbs

  • The Elephantine Closing orb will always be available
  • 4 of the rest 7 orb kinds would maybe be chosen at random
  • Chosen orb kinds would maybe be confirmed in a description widget both in character choose and during pre-round

Fresh Orb Forms

Health Orb – Grants teamwide health regen (instantaneous)

  • 20 second duration
  • 12 HP per second (3HP per tick)
  • SFX/VFX handiest play whereas if truth be told therapeutic

Deception Orb – Applies “Paranoia” to the enemy team 3 seconds after contain cessation

  • 10 second debuff
  • Imaginative and prescient is tremendously diminished (and a little Discipline of Imaginative and prescient shift)
  • False footsteps and gunfire play for affected gamers
  • Minimap is disabled

Golden Gun – Grants capturing player a Golden Gun

  • One-shot, one-raze
  • Perfectly appropriate at all cases
  • Agent strikes at knife flow
  • Simplest has a single bullet in chamber and a pair of backup rounds
  • Kills grant an additional round


  • Fresh pre-round HUD part that displays the weapon & capacity orb kinds for primarily the most up-to-date round.
  • Avid gamers now catch 1 closing point for gathering any orb.

Efficiency Updates

Fight Efficiency

We had been ready to repair a form of things inflicting dips during fight.

  • Skins for 9/10 gamers had been failing to pre-load within the game. The significant time you’d stumble upon these pores and skin in-game you’d experience a fall in framerate.
  • Diminished body dips that would possibly well well occur when a raze callout used to be added or eliminated to the hud.
  • Improved the efficiency of the Viper divulge HUD parts which had some efficiency disorders.

+FPS on Mid to High Spec

We had been ready to strengthen CPU bottlenecks in a number of areas all the diagram by diagram of the code as successfully. Decrease spec machines must quiet possess the again of almost all these improvements nonetheless would handiest see the good points during fight.

  • Added multithreaded rendering toughen for excessive waste machines. In case your machine meets the necessities to possess the again of multithreaded rendering, you’ll see a recent strategy to flip it on or off within the Graphics Quality menu. It’s on by default for these machines
  • Multithreaded rendering improves efficiency in scenes where the designate of managing objects that must be rendered exceeds the designate of the game simulation and the designate of if truth be told rendering the scene on the GPU. These circumstances most regularly occur when challenging by diagram of scenes with reasonably a number of objects seen (ex. Prick up attacker spawn) and in circumstances where the game simulation doesn’t require mighty work (ex. notice vary, out of fight gameplay, etc.).
  • Multithreaded imaginative and prescient cones; minimap imaginative and prescient cones will now compute on any other thread, if it’s ready to
  • Tidy VFX passes all the diagram by diagram of all maps, this diminished the CPU aspect designate of these particles by permitting the GPU to keep extra of the simulation
  • Transformed client efficiency Stats to incorporate extra detailed breakdown of body cases

Quality of Life

  • Sova’s Recon Traipse will behave extra consistently and handiest reward the fragment of enemies at the support of a wall
  • Added a surroundings that allows the stock to always seem
  • Pings will no longer device over allies and enemies when placed at the support of them
  • Transition out of game now displays the procedure you exact finished in its build of Brimstone and Narrative walking into a teleporter
  • In the taking pictures vary, altering character now makes expend of a delicate-weight and additional performant UI than the high-tail with the circulation going into a match
  • Missions on the waste of game masks are if truth be told sorted by completion and by kind
  • Minor visible improvements to Contract and Battlepass rewards within the event widget located at the tip of the masks

Worm Fixes

  • Mounted subject where translucent particles, like smoke layers, would reward by diagram of Reyna’s Nearsight.
  • Mounted VFX that obscured Reyna’s masks if she scoped whereas therapeutic
  • Reyna’s overheal health no longer incorrectly displays 151 total when maxed
  • Cypher Spycameras placed on the teleporter door frames on Bind no longer teleport it’s search web explain underground
  • Cypher’s Cyber Cage no longer holds the teleporter doorways on Bind start
  • The Space-of-Execute indicators for Sova’s Recon Trot and Reyna’s See now handiest reward up on the enemy’s minimap if the player or their allies are cessation to the affected dwelling
  • Mounted input and diversified reasonably a number of pieces of Agent withhold watch over UI showing up for spectators
  • Mounted a worm where expressionless player’s 1st-person hands would seem like floating within the air
  • Mounted a worm where activating a twig can also exit ADS whereas firing
  • Mounted a worm with the Bullet Tracers surroundings, having this surroundings active old to also disable muzzle flash on some weapons besides to to tracers
  • Mounted a grief with the mouse cursor flickering when challenging it over the scoreboard
  • Mounted a grief with milliseconds within the round timer no longer being appropriate
  • Mounted a grief with some keybindings no longer exhibiting keybinding conflicts warnings accurately
  • Mounted an Observer worm where the first person being observed within the game did no longer possess a character portrait
  • Mounted a grief with computerized weapons no longer regularly ever no longer exhibiting tracers or audio outcomes when fired briefly bursts
  • Mounted a worm where the defuse bar used to be duplicated
  • Mounted say input/output devices and settings no longer persisting all the diagram by diagram of intervals
  • Mounted a slew of localization disorders all the diagram by diagram of waste of game screens
  • Mounted a handful of visible disorders all the diagram by diagram of waste of game screens
  • Mounted a grief whispering gamers of the same name/same old DM improvements
  • Improved chat carrier error messaging
  • Settings menu is now letterboxed as intended
  • Whereas on the Brokers web explain, clicking on COLLECTION now accurately navigates support to the Arsenal web explain

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