[Update: Limit removed in Beta 1] Android 11 could potentially remove 4GB video recording limit

[Update: Limit removed in Beta 1] Android 11 could potentially remove 4GB video recording limit

At existing, no doubt one of many most frustrating sides of Android is the arbitrary video recording limit of many devices.

[Update 06/15]: So after four developer previews, it has taken till the necessary public-going through Android 11 Beta for the 4GB video recording limit to be removed on Android. The change was spotted by the blokes over at Android Police, who notes that whereas the limit has been removed, it’s frustratingly now not supported by any apps as yet.

With the probability of 4K 60fps video coming on future Google Pixel devices, have a forced 4GB limit on video data will be infuriating to just a few you available in the market. Android Police also notes that whereas the recording limit has been lifted with Android 11 Beta 1, because apps don’t yet reinforce the selection wisely, you’re going to unruffled currently witness ruin up 4GB data when hitting that “limit.”

The up as much as now API diagram that as prolonged as functions update to consume this more recent API without the cap, we must soon give you the option to blast previous that feeble 4GB limit — and now not have to sew increased data together. What’s habitual is that Google Camera doesn’t even reinforce the increased data yet both, but given that Android 11 Beta 1 has handiest correct been launched after which made available in the market, we’re stride more builders and Google will launch adding reinforce soon.

Nonetheless, due to a couple digging by the people over at XDA-Developers, evidently the recent 4GB video recording limit could perchance well soon be raised in a future Android 11 design. Alongside the upcoming darkish mode scheduling, we’re stride that this could occasionally well be a truly welcome addition — and one who feels prolonged dreary.

While you utilize any recent Android flagship, reminiscent of the Google Pixel 4, when recording video at 4K UHD choice, you’ll find around 12 minutes of continuing pictures sooner than the app saves the file and creates a recent one. For many of us, this isn’t doubtless a concern while you anecdote for correct a jiffy at a time.

It is tense that data had been seemingly recorded in one prolonged session are broken up into these 4GB data interior your DCIM folder. To combine them into one file, you’ll have to consume a third-occasion app or video editing application — which is one more microscopic annoyance.

XDA notes that a recent commit during the AOSP gerrit seems care for we’ll witness the 4GB video recording limit removed interior Android 11. With telephones draw to be launched in 2020 with 8K video recording, the removal of the limit makes a heck of pretty an excellent deal of sense. It would truly be frustrating given the increased file size associated with the ultra-excessive-choice format.

It’s worth noting that this commit has now not been merged yet. So it’s doubtless to come in a future Android 11 design. Brooding about the necessary Android 10 beta was launched in March 2019, we could perchance well now not have prolonged to assist to find over the 4GB video recording limit on our smartphones.

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