Twitter would like you to actually read stories before you retweet them

Twitter would like you to actually read stories before you retweet them

On Wednesday, Twitter announced that this might occasionally initiate attempting out a brand new feature that will urged customers to judge forward of they tweet articles they haven’t read.

This check is at the moment restricted to Android customers in English. If a person decides to retweet an editorial forward of reading it, Twitter also can urged them to initiate it forward of they attain so. Twitter did no longer reveal when it plans to bring the feature to additional working techniques.

“Sharing an editorial can spark conversation, so you would perhaps perhaps perhaps perhaps also favor to read it forward of you Tweet it,” Twitter mentioned. “To assist promote told discussion, we’re attempting out a brand new urged on Android — whereas you happen to Retweet an editorial that you haven’t opened on Twitter, we also can quiz whereas you’d take to initiate it first.”

Or no longer it is easy for hyperlinks/articles to transfer viral on Twitter. This also can additionally be highly efficient but ceaselessly dreadful, especially if of us haven’t read the yell they’re spreading. This option (on Android for now) encourages of us to read a linked article sooner than Retweeting it.

— Kayvon Beykpour (@kayvz) June 10, 2020

This check is exact the most well liked from Twitter with a notion to curb misinformation and attend principal discussions on the platform. Closing month, Twitter launched a check that lets in customers to limit who can reply to their tweets on Android, iOS, and the firm’s net app. As of without lengthen, some customers are ready to limit replies to all people, of us they apply, or of us they mention. In fresh months, Twitter has rolled out additional aspects fancy the flexibility to cloak inform replies to tweets. It’s additionally attempting out a cleaner interface for threaded conversations on the platform.