The price of the PS5 may have just been leaked by a French retailer

The price of the PS5 may have just been leaked by a French retailer

(Image credit: Sony PlayStation)

Here’s what the PS5 could cost you this Holiday, if a new listing from French retailer Carrefour is anything to go by. 

As spotted by PhonAndroid, the reputed European store had both the PS5 and its Digital Edition up for pre-order online, priced at €499 and €399 respectively. 

That would suggest that PlayStation’s next-gen console will set you back by £450 /$600 on day one, or £400/$500 if you want to purchase the Digital Edition instead, which doesn’t come with a disc drive. 

As always, we can’t take this as definitive evidence of Sony’s pricing plan for the hardware, which is scheduled to release later this year, but Carrefour has quickly removed the information, unintentionally lending it further validity via the Streisand effect (screenshots are still available online). 

PlayStation is holding a State of Play live stream later this week, but has cautioned that the focus will primarily be on upcoming PS4 games, with little PS5 news on the cards. That means it’ll likely be some time before we hear any official info about the PS5 price, or more upcoming PS5 games, but rumour has it another PS5 event is “tentatively scheduled” for later this August, so there’s hope yet. 

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