The Last of Us Part 2: ‘No Plans’ for DLC

The Last of Us Part 2: ‘No Plans’ for DLC

The Final of Us Fragment 2’s director, Neil Druckmann has made obvious that there are ‘no plans’ for DLC after the game’s beginning.Talking at some level of a spoilercast for the game on the Kinda Humorous Gamescast, Druckmann used to be requested about whether or now no longer the novel game would practice the novel’s lead with a Left In the succor of-model story DLC.

“No, with Final of Us I deem we had some season pass or something that talked about sooner than time we accept as true with now some story DLC – no there’s no plans for that.”This would no longer reduce rate a multiplayer engage on the game, love The Final of Us’ Factions mode, as we now accept as true with previously heard that that can be launched as a standalone game of some kind.

The wording of the novel announcement – which talked about “when and where this could well be realized is level-headed to make certain” – can also imply the mode will advance on PS5.

We awarded The Final of Us Fragment 2 a corpulent 10/10 review, and we known as it “a masterpiece essential of its predecessor”. When you must to also accept as true with got done the game now no longer too prolonged within the past, both Podcast Previous! and the IGN UK Podcast accept as true with recorded corpulent spoilercasts on their feelings in regards to the game.

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