The biggest iOS annoyance I want Apple to fix

The biggest iOS annoyance I want Apple to fix

It be my birthday this week. It also happens to be the month that Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference — WWDC — is held. Being my start month, I in fact contain a decide to earn, a wish that I’m hoping at final comes appropriate with the initiating of iOS 14.

I would cherish Apple to repair an iOS annoyance that is been plaguing me since I started using the iPhone.

I would favor Apple to cease making cell phone calls and FaceTime calls possess over your entire iPhone.

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I know that the iPhone is a cell phone. It be true there in the name. But who this day makes exercise of a smartphone essentially as a cell phone? As a rule I earn a call it be a junk call or some time-waster, nonetheless because of the the priority given to cell phone calls, it pops up over whatever I’m doing, and sits there, forcing me to tackle it.

It goes to in fact be fairly startling when a call comes in. And it busts thru whatever you might presumably be doing, Kool-Support Man model.

I earn it that there used to be a time when this made sense, nonetheless now it be true undeniable worrying.

Take into consideration if the iPhone did this for every email that came in? Sure, I’m aged ample to be awake being livid when an email came in, nonetheless these events are long gone.

It be time for this to head.

Sure, there are different things that must nonetheless be fastened — I’ve outlined a couple of right here, mostly stability and performance-connected — nonetheless fixing the Phone app and making it work cherish different apps, would possibly presumably be noteworthy.

Apple, please can I in fact contain that for my birthday? Beautiful please?