Star Citizen funding hits $300 million as people buy $4,600 ship packs

Star Citizen funding hits $300 million as people buy $4,600 ship packs

Cloud Imperium Games hang one other Superstar Citizen funding milestone on their fingers, with an nice $300 million sourced from the neighborhood, after an awfully successful week at the cease of Might perhaps perhaps also 2020.

Superstar Citizen’s $300 million crowdfunding milestone is upon us. While limitless folks are scratching their heads whereas wondering why followers withhold pledging money for a game see you later in constructing, among the causes are obvious in the starting up be taught.

Cloud Imperium Games are positively inserting hefty prices on the ships they sell in Superstar Citizen and these gross sales additionally depend in direction of the funding stat tracker

When original, beautifully designed cosmetics and items originate into a game, its followers will pour money devour there could be no day after nowadays in roar to acquire them. It is not any a quantity of in Superstar Citizen. Loads of the title’s supporters merely cannot resist “pledging” their relief by shopping “right one more ship” for his or her enjoy assortment. 

Within the case of Drake Entire Pack 2950, the bundle consisted of 14 ships and price $4,600. One would reflect so valuable money would originate the gross sales push less successful. One would be sinful in that assumption.


Star Citizen - Drake pack

Superstar Citizen – Drake pack

Between Might perhaps perhaps also 26 and June 1, 2020, Superstar Citizen backers pledged spherical $8 million. That will not be up to one week, that system it used to be vastly greater than $1 million per day.

Cloud Imperium Games

Star Citizen stats - May 26, 2020

Superstar Citizen stats – Might perhaps perhaps also 26, 2020

There had been 23,677 original accounts made between our two parts of reference and within the event that they bought only the basic pack, which prices $45, the total funding extend would amount to $1,065,465. 

Cloud Imperium Games

Star Citizen stats - June 1, 2020

Superstar Citizen stats – June 1, 2020

That hypothetical dispute would shuffle away spherical $7 million in pledges from the the leisure of the neighborhood, hinting that the Drake Pack, which used to be being supplied within the course of that length, accrued moderately the lump of cash for CIG. 

No public files that explicitly states all that money went into $4,600 ship packs is accessible nonetheless the spike in funding within the course of that proper week leaves itsy-bitsy room for doubt.


Star Citizen crowdfunding week 22

Repeat the spike in Week 22. It ran from Might perhaps perhaps also 25 to 31

Overall, it reveals that the Superstar Citizen neighborhood gentle has self assurance in Chris Roberts’ vision and that the game will unlock properly.