SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated Review (PS4)

SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated Review (PS4)

Converse what you fancy about SpongeBob SquarePants, but there is a motive it’s peaceable one of Nickelodeon’s most in fashion reveals. The comic strip starring a yellow sea sponge and his starfish easiest friend is delightfully daft, and the main few seasons are stout of ingenious episodes with in truth humorous writing. At the height of its popularity in the early noughties, a sport based mostly entirely on the repeat used to be launched for PlayStation 2, and it’s peaceable appreciated to on the present time. SpongeBob SquarePants: Fight for Bikini Backside Rehydrated revives the 17-year-susceptible action platformer on PlayStation 4, but is it a pretty patty or a bucket of chum?

The very first thing that hits you relating to the remake is the visual increase. In a deliberate resolution to ape the extra saturated stare of the extra recent seasons, Rehydrated is extra colourful than a coral reef. It makes the long-established stare washed out by comparison, and while it’s perhaps moderately overdone, the graphics are suitably cartoonish. It be no longer finest — some characters stare moderately off, and quality would possibly perchance perchance be moderately inconsistent — but it absolutely’s a pretty dramatic overhaul of the PS2 title.

In terms of sound, issues need to no longer rather so solid. The entire tune and command work from 2003 returns, meaning it’s going to stare very numerous but it absolutely sounds typically identical. Sure, that plot Mr. Krabs peaceable is no longer voiced by Clancy Brown. Surprisingly, the audio mix has occasional factors; we noticed an very excellent quantity of the dialogue sounds blown out, and there are additionally uncommon cases of audio no longer enjoying. Neither of these are deal breakers, but the sound appears moderately sloppy.

Tranquil, there’s extra to a remake than sights and sounds. Rehydrated is a pretty end match to the long-established with reference to gameplay, despite the indisputable truth that die-onerous followers would possibly perchance honest understand some limited differences in how issues in actuality feel. Most fundamental is perhaps Sandy’s lasso swinging transfer, which has very numerous physics. In total talking, despite the indisputable truth that, we would snarl the gameplay skills is smoother, largely on story of a vastly improved digital camera. Fans will like a flash procure honest lend a hand to gathering shimmering objects, bashing baddies, and skimming down slopes.

Whereas you are irregular with the long-established sport, it stars SpongeBob, Patrick, and Sandy as playable characters in a non-linear 3D platformer, combating to rid Bikini Backside of Plankton’s disobedient robot military. As you maintain your plot thru a form of environments, your fundamental job is to safe golden spatulas and dispatch the metal horde.

Back in 2003, collectathon video games fancy this were moderately long-established. In 2020, 3D platformers are few and much between. It be excellent to narrate that Rehydrated’s structure and moment-to-moment action is amazingly long-established by contemporary standards. Every persona has some authentic abilities, but strive against is one-reward and dreams need to no longer exactly numerous. Bosses are very tame affairs, and slip alongside with the crawl-by cutscenes exhibiting you the phases are a relentless reminder of the game’s PS2 heritage. That being said, it’s good — refreshing, even — to play something so simple. There is no longer any penalty for dying, there are a form of collectibles to search out, and it items a relaxing underwater world to explore. Sure, it feels dated in a replacement of the way, but it absolutely affords the form of lighthearted relaxing that’s now and again ever viewed on the present time. Whether or no longer you can have performed Fight for Bikini Backside sooner than, these purchasing for a easy 3D platformer can be effectively served here.

It be no longer without its flaws, after all. Whereas Rehydrated runs at a consistent 60 frames-per-2nd, there are some rough edges. Loading displays repeat up extra than you will deem, texture pop-in is noticeable after an build loads in, and we even had an especially substandard bug where an early golden spatula modified into inconceivable. We’re told the latter can be mounted in a future change, but till then, ensure you procure Squidward’s golden spatula sooner than you enable his dwelling.

But what of the emblem new stuff, then? Phase of the kit is an entirely long-established multiplayer aspect; a web-based or offline co-op horde mode that includes all-new playable characters and beforehand decrease content. Two gamers internet on Robo-Squidward’s increasingly extra powerful waves of robot enemies. It be extremely long-established, and every persona excellent has two moves (even these that must bag extra, fancy SpongeBob), but it absolutely gives even susceptible gamers something new to review out, and it’s a long way a great option to repurpose issues that were once left on the cutting room ground. It be surely ancillary to the key sport, despite the indisputable truth that.


SpongeBob Rehydrated is a vivid remake of a grand appreciated PS2 platformer. It be moderately rough around the perimeters, but it absolutely’s a solid effort that brings lend a hand a invent of sport that’s all too uncommon on contemporary machines. The easy relaxing of gathering, bashing enemies, and exploring a appreciated pickle is amazingly grand here, and followers younger and susceptible will procure a kick out of this underwater excursion.