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Should you buy a Wear OS watch or a Galaxy Watch? - BGKNews - Web Development & Technology News, tips-tricks & Hows-To's.
Should you buy a Wear OS watch or a Galaxy Watch?

Should you buy a Wear OS watch or a Galaxy Watch?

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Selecting a smartwatch to pair with your Android smartphone is correct now both pretty easy—there just correct-looking are no longer many decisions—and maddening: no platform affords a basically broad wearable experience with Google’s cell OS. The 2 largest platforms are, obviously, watches powered by Google’s dangle Wear OS, and Samsung’s Tizen-based Galaxy Watches. Both platforms bear their advantages and (broad) drawbacks, but choosing the good one will almost definitely depend both for your required physical magnificent and some explicit tool aspects.

On this manual, we are going to glide over the most necessary differences between both platforms, so you can create an told smartwatch steal.

Explore desire

The most necessary key incompatibility between Wear OS and Tizen is the detect desire. Rather a lot of manufacturers construct watches with Wear OS, including Motorola, Fossil Crew, Mobvoi, and others. By comparison, Samsung is the finest one increasing watches with Tizen. While Samsung does construct a few assorted detect kinds, it must no longer match the variety you safe with Wear OS.

From left to correct: Skagen Falster 3, Fossil Gen 5 Garret, Fossil Gen 5 Julianna, Fossil Sport

Most Wear OS watches accessible on the market correct now arrive from Fossil Crew and its tons of sub-brands, including Skagen, Diesel, Misfit, and others. Taking into fable the handful of watches produced below the complete thing of Fossil Crew, and the total assorted kinds accessible for every model, you safe dozens of conceivable designs. That is rarely any longer including the contemporary Moto360, the TicWatch lineup, and assorted gadgets created out of doors of Fossil.

Samsung at the 2nd produces just correct-looking two smartwatch gadgets: the Galaxy Explore and Galaxy Explore Active2. The frail is a larger detect, with a spinning bezel frail for navigating thru menus. The latter model is a slimmer sports detect with no spinning bezel, accessible in two sizes.

Left: Explore Active2, Trusty: Galaxy Explore

While Wear OS does provide more magnificent alternate choices, Samsung’s watches are often regarded as being effectively-designed. Looks are totally subjective, so right here’s one comparison that it’s likely you’ll need to create to your self.


After the last most necessary Wear OS update, which added stout-camouflage camouflage tiles to the platform, it and Tizen OS are more identical than ever from a make standpoint.

Let’s originate with Wear OS. The detect face acts because the ‘home camouflage camouflage’ of sorts, and it’s likely you’ll scroll thru your notifications by swiping up on the detect face. Swiping down opens the quick settings, and urgent the center aspect button displays your checklist of apps. ‘Tiles,’ stout-camouflage camouflage widgets that remark their own praises knowledge from installed apps, are accessible by swiping to the aspect of the detect face. Moderately easy.

Wear OS on the Fossil Gen 5

Tizen operates in a identical manner, but with some of the gestures switched around. Notifications are organized to the left of the detect face, with tiles to the finest. Ultimate fancy on Wear OS, urgent the aspect button will demonstrate a checklist of apps, and swiping down from the cease will remark up rapid settings. While you already employ Samsung phones, you almost definitely can fancy that Tizen has the identical One UI interface make as Samsung’s most modern Galaxy devices.

Tizen OS on the Explore Active2

One in every of the finest advantages of Tizen is its performance. Swiping between projects and opening apps is noticeably faster and smoother on Samsung’s watches than on any Wear OS wearable. The performance incompatibility is less noticeable on Wear OS watches with 1GB of RAM, fancy the Fossil Gen 5 and Skagen Falster 3, but it undoubtedly’s unexcited there.


Wear OS and Tizen both bear a moderately minute quantity of choices, namely third-occasion ones. There are a few enormous names on both platforms, fancy Spotify, Strava, and Uber, but the substantial amount of apps arrive from smaller third-occasion developers or the OS vendor (Samsung/Google).

As you almost definitely can ask, most of the need to-bear apps on Wear OS arrive from Google. You would take a look at notes for your wrist with Google Sustain, scroll thru texts with Messages (as long because the Messages SMS app is for your cell phone), overview health data with Google Fit, and tons others. While you are deeply entrenched in the Google ecosystem, with no desire to replace to assorted products and companies, Wear OS could be a closer option.

Uber on the Galaxy Explore

Tizen is in a identical instruct, with most of the headlining apps coming from Samsung itself. You’ve Samsung Fit, Samsung Internet, SmartThings (for easy home instrument management), and some others. All over again, there are finest a few apps from enormous-title developers.


Google Assistant is arguably the finest virtual assistant on any platform, so its presence on Wear OS is a necessary selling level. While Assistant on Wear OS can no longer enact every thing that the Android equivalent can, fancy discovering out news summaries, the core functionality is unexcited accessible: sending texts, talking to Third-occasion products and companies, retrieving the weather, opening apps, and tons others. If your detect has a speaker (or whenever you happen to’ve Bluetooth headphones paired), Assistant replies are spoken aloud.

Google Assistant on Wear OS

The most necessary seize is that Assistant is unexcited a a tiny-buggy experience on Wear OS. Whether or no longer which potential that of Bluetooth sync factors, or some assorted component, Assistant telling you “Sorry, one thing went inferior” is a licensed incidence on even the finest Wear OS watches.

Bixby on the Galaxy Explore Stuffed with life

Galaxy watches bear the ever-indispensable Bixby assistant, the identical learned on most most modern Samsung phones. While Bixby does no longer bear as necessary functionality as Assistant, it does enact just correct-looking about every thing it’s likely you’ll desire from a detect. It could perhaps originate timers, characterize you the weather, send texts, and assorted projects. In my experience, Bixby does no longer fail relating to as in most cases as Assistant on Wear OS, so Bixby has that going for it.

Well being

Most of us steal smartwatches with the most necessary blueprint of the employ of to track physical process, and whenever you happen to are in that camp, a Galaxy Explore could be a closer desire than any Wear OS instrument. While Google Fit is serviceable, it has had tons of issues previously, and some deliberate aspects on no fable saw the sunshine of day.

Samsung Well being in most cases goes a tiny bit beyond Google Fit. The Galaxy Explore and Explore Stuffed with life periodically remind you to stretch whenever you happen to have not moved in a whereas, and some watches can measure stress stages. The Galaxy Explore Stuffed with life and Active2 could moreover measure blood pressure with an app, but the function is rarely pretty as tested because the Apple Explore’s pressure video display.

With a tiny of luck, you now bear a closer image of which detect is more healthy for you. Now we bear got some of the finest Wear OS and Samsung wearable linked below, in case you’d fancy explicit solutions.