To note its stout capacity you wish the currently uncommon SuperSpeed USB 20Gbps port

seagate firecuda gaming ssd


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  • Seagate FireCuda Gaming SSD (1TB)

Reliable up entrance, kudos to whoever designed the enclosure of the Seagate FireCuda Gaming SSD. From grey-slate monolithic goodness, to tasteful LED lighting and radiant heft, it’s a form of products that factual makes you wish to exercise it. 

Looks aside, the FireCuda Gaming SSD is probably going overkill for the common user. To note the 2GBps transfers it’s able to, you’ll need one among the extraordinarily uncommon SuperSpeed USB 20Gbps (nee USB 3.2 Gen 2×2) ports. With out said port, the FireCuda Gaming SSD, while splendid, is just not any sooner than the existing and substantially more cost-effective 10Gbps (Gen 2) rivals.

Create and facets

I discussed that the FireCuda Gaming SSD is coloured a nice, semi-serious slate grey (unlit on the underside). What sets it apart is a deep beveled inset end to one waste of the force that sports variable-coloured, arresting (if desired) LED lighting. Gleaming!

The sides are supreme a little rounded, which alongside with about 3.5 ounces of heft, presents a nice tactile ride. It could truly possibly even be helpful for self-protection. Reliable asserting.  

seagate2 2 IDG

The FireCuda’s lighting can shine in any color you glimpse in this palette. 

The force measures roughly 4.1 x 2 x 0.4 inches, which is a little bit smaller than the competing 20Gbps WD P50 Dim Game Drive SSD. The SSD contained in the FireCuda is Seagate’s comprise FireCuda 510, a noteworthy NVMe force and simply swiftly adequate for USB, even the 20Gbps flavor.

Now for some sobering news. The 1TB FireCuda Gaming SSD I tested retails for $260 on Amazon, while the 500GB model goes for $179 on Amazon, and the 2TB model costs $500 on Amazon. That’s now not barely as pricey as Thunderbolt equipment, but it’s end, and significantly pricier than the common SuperSpeed 10Gbps (USB 3.x Gen 2) force. By comparison, a 2TB Samsung T7 is roughly $360 for the time being.

The color and animation of the LED lighting is configured by assignment of the included Seagate Toolkit tool, which also presents backup capabilities. Whatever color or sample you location is retained, even when vitality is eliminated. 

The FireCuda Gaming SSD carries a five-year warranty. Seagate failed to present a TBW (TeraBytes Written) ranking, on the opposite hand, the 510 NVMe SSD inner in its bare produce is rated for a generous 650TBW.


I save the FireCuda Gaming SSD by procedure of our normal battery of tests for bid comparison with previously tested USB drives; on the opposite hand, our contemporary testbed is restricted to SuperSpeed USB 10Gbps. 20Gbps adapter playing cards were briefly offer, and never accessible in any admire in the US. AMD loaned me a Threadripper 3970X CPU for an in-residence MSI Creator TR4X board, which does possess a 20Gbps port. 

As that you just must well glimpse beneath, by assignment of Gen 2 (SuperSpeed 10Gbps) the FireCuda Gaming SSD is swiftly, but no sooner than the considerably more cost effective OWC and SanDisk drives. The 20GBps WD P50 Dim Game SSD, which affords roughly the similar performance on the 10Gbps bus, became once similar in tag at the time of this writing. 

seagate firecuda gaming ssd cdm6 IDG

CrystalDiskMark 6 rated the FireCuda Gaming SSD on a par with or greater than the varied drives the usage of SuperSpeed USB 10Gbps. Longer bars are greater.

The valid-world 48GB transfers comprise out CrystalDiskMark outcomes, which will most definitely be on par for 10Gbps. The NVMe drives contained in the four external SSDs shown in the chart are able to a ways sooner performance than SuperSpeed USB 10Gbps can tackle, hence your complete drives compose at or end to that bus’s restrict. 

seagate firecuda gaming ssd 48gb 2 IDG

All over again in the 48GB transfers, the FireCuda Gaming SSD proved to be a noteworthy competitor. Shorter bars are greater.

Breeze the FireCuda Gaming SSD into a 20Gbps port, and you’re cooking with gas. No longer as swiftly as Thunderbolt 3, but mighty end.

As to the provision of SuperSpeed USB 20Gbps: From the appears to be like to be to be like of things, the business is in no bustle to jump on the bandwagon. Whether this is in a position to well neutral switch in any case to timeframe, or vendors will merely now stay wide awake for USB 4, is difficult to tell.

Label that USB 4 will provide 40Gbps, but additionally be backward-like minded with SuperSpeed 20Gbps. In varied words, you’ll secure your 2GBps transfers from the FireCuda Gaming SSD when USB 4 shows up.

usb 10gbps versus usb 20gbps IDG

These are the speeds you’ll secure at the same time as you save the FireCuda Gaming SSD to a SuperSpeed USB 20Gbps port. Longer bars are greater.

Testing is performed on House windows 10 64-bit working on a Core i7-5820Okay/Asus X99 Deluxe machine with four 16GB Kingston 2666MHz DDR4 modules, a Zotac (Nvidia) GT 710 1GB x2 PCIe graphics card, and an Asmedia ASM2142 USB 3.1 Gen 2 (SuperSpeed USB 10Gbps) card. Additionally on board are a Gigabyte GC-Alpine Thunderbolt 3 card and Softperfect’s Ramdisk 3.4.6, which is weak for the 48GB read and write tests.

USB Gen 2×2/SuperSpeed USB 20Gbps became once tested with the similar parts listed above, besides for the aforementioned Threadripper 3970X and MSI Creator TRX4 motherboard.

Grand at the same time as you happen to possess a 20Gbps port (or be pleased the locate)

In general, I’d stress the “you’re paying a lot” side of the FireCuda Gaming SSD more, but I no doubt like the item. It’s been sitting on the desk in entrance of me neutral thanks to its appears to be like to be to be like and that LED. Would I pay the extra cash if I didn’t possess a SuperSpeed USB 20Gbps port? Doubtlessly now not, but darn, it’d be tempting.

All said and executed… A huge force if possess the necessity, or need—and the cash. 

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  • Seagate FireCuda Gaming SSD (1TB)

    The Seagate FireCuda Gaming SSD is terribly swiftly, at the same time as you happen to say it to a no doubt uncommon SuperSpeed USB 20Gbps port. Otherwise, or now not it’s no sooner than varied drives over older USB.


    • Tumble-dumb splendid
    • 2GBps transfers by assignment of SuperSpeed USB 20Gbps


    • Costly
    • Superspeed USB 20Gbps ports are few and a ways between

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