Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G release date, specs, price and rumors

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G release date, specs, price and rumors

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip debuted this previous February, at as soon as vaulting to the pinnacle of the category for foldable telephones. No longer most efficient did Samsung’s latest foldable live a long way from the hardware reliability complications of the Galaxy Fold and Motorola Razr, but it offered solid specs and at a beautiful much less behold-watering imprint than we had considered from other foldable smartphones.

But one feature became as soon as arguably lacking from the Galaxy Flip Z: 5G enhance. But it absolutely looks esteem Samsung is gripping to tackle that with new hardware in the upcoming months.

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A Galaxy Z Flip sequel is allegedly in the works that will add 5G connectivity to the foldable mobile phone. But it absolutely’s unclear whether or now not Samsung will hang every other tricks up its sleeve for the Galaxy Z Flip 5G. And with extra foldable telephones on the diagram, will this new Galaxy Z Flip accrued hang what it takes to stand out?

We’ve gathered up all of the rumors regarding the Galaxy Z Flip 5G (or is it the Galaxy Z Flip 2?), so let’s breeze over what all of us know about its launch date, imprint, specs, and additional.

Galaxy Z Flip 5G: Free up date

Samsung is extremely reliable by its announcement dates in latest years and the Galaxy Z Flip 5G looks to be pegged for the firm’s semiannual Unpacked Tournament. This latest one is more most likely to happen in August, with several sources suggesting that August 5 is the date for the immense event.

One of those sources is Jon Prosser, the reliable tipster and host of Front Online page Tech. And whereas Galaxy Point to 20 is the nominal star of that present, he’s looking at for foldable telephones — both the Galaxy Z Flip 5G and Galaxy Fold 2 — to debut alongside Samsung’s new phablet.

Telephones for the Samsung virtual Unpacked event: Tournament August Fifth – my source (corroborating @UniverseIce)Point to 20Fold 2ZFlip 5GDevices will launch on August 20thJune 9, 2020

Prosser expects all three of those devices — the Point to 20, Fold 2 and Galaxy Z Flip 5G — to ship on August 20.

Galaxy Z Flip 5G: Payment

While the original Galaxy Z Flip became as soon as doubtlessly the most inexpensive upright foldable we’ve considered to this point, it’s exhausting to use that term when relating to a instrument that prices $1,380. 

Including 5G into the mix certainly isn’t going to support raise prices down but reckoning on what if every other adjustments are being made to the instrument it’s imaginable that we leer most efficient a minimal imprint bump.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G

(Image credit score: Tom’s Manual)

Preserving the Galaxy Z Flip 5G under $1,500 looks esteem a realizable diagram for Samsung if 5G is the one new feature being introduced and it would also preserve some separation from the elevated Galaxy Fold 2 that’s anticipated to imprint between $1,780 and $1,980

If on the different hand, Samsung switches to the Snapdragon 865 for its constructed-in 5G enhance in its build of simply adding the Snapdragon X50 modem to the Snapdragon 855 Plus realized in the Galaxy Z Flip, that’s all but clear to purchase the associated charge of the mobile phone.

Galaxy Z Flip 5G or Galaxy Z Flip 2?

It’s most efficient been six months since the launch of the Galaxy Z Flip, so if a brand new foldable flip mobile phone arrives in August, it’s exhausting to occupy that Samsung will introduce a upright successor to this instrument. As an different, it would per chance presumably presumably ethical be a 5G version of the Z Flip with few other adjustments.

One trade that will be in the playing cards for a 5G version of the Galaxy Z Flip would per chance presumably presumably be a elevated battery. The original Galaxy Z Flip featured a 3,300 mAh battery, which would per chance presumably presumably be severely strained by 5G connectivity. That mobile phone lasted ethical 8 hours and 16 minutes on our battery test when the reasonable smartphone holds out for round 10 hours.

That said, it’s now not unprecedented for Samsung to launch a sequel so soon after the original. In spite of the whole lot, it became as soon as on the August 2019 Unpacked Tournament when Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Glimpse Stuffed with life 2, which came ethical six months after its predecessor. 

Galaxy Z Flip 5G

It became as soon as most efficient February when the Galaxy Z Flip debuted. (Image credit score: Tom’s Manual)

Peaceable, it’s extra most likely that Samsung holds out until subsequent twelve months to roll out a Galaxy Z Flip 2. The firm customarily holds one other Unpacked event in February and this one would feature both the Galaxy S30 and a sequel to the Z Flip a twelve months after the original’s launch.

We don’t hang pretty a few evidence to transfer on for what aspects a Galaxy Z Flip 2 also can add with the exception of a imaginable camera upgrade. A patent depicted a few imaginable three-camera arrays for a Galaxy Z Flip 2 that would per chance presumably presumably presumably add a telephoto lens to the present usual and ultra vast lenses. 

As for what we would esteem to glance, a beautiful elevated exterior display for the Galaxy Z Flip 2 would make stronger that client expertise and enable you to originate the principle display even much less veritably. This is able to also support with the battery existence, the different feature we would esteem to glance Samsung tackle in any Galaxy Z Flip note-up.

Galaxy Z Flip 5G: 5G connectivity

So the one feature that we can positively rely on in the Galaxy Z Flip 5G is 5G. But what is going to that indicate for the mobile phone. Thanks to the present remark of 5G in the US, now not most efficient attain all of the networks now not provide the actual identical 5G coverage strategies but now not each and each 5G instrument offers the identical 5G enhance.

Buy the the Galaxy S20. The version that came debuted at the start most efficient labored with sub-6GHz 5G, which is what makes up the majority of 5G coverage for AT&T and T-Mobile. A particular version of the Galaxy S20 for Verizon’s mmWave-essentially based 5G network most efficient debuted in June. These mmWave antennas desire in extra location on a mobile phone, and web negate is now not exactly in abundance in the Galaxy Z Flip’s compact construct.

galaxy z flip 5g

(Image credit score: Tom’s Manual)

Occupied with the biggest advantage to procuring a 5G instrument at this stage is to future-proof your instrument for improved 5G networks, paying up up for a mobile phone with restricted 5G enhance doesn’t seem esteem a tall investment. So if Samsung is going to match or exceed the Z Flip’s original $1,380 heed with a 5G version, it had higher be one which would per chance work with the fastest networks.

Galaxy Z Flip 5G: Assorted aspects

The original Galaxy Z Flip runs on a Snapdragon 855 Plus processor with 8GB of RAM. The mobile phone offers 256GB of storage, two 12MP rear cameras and a single 10MP entrance-facing camera. While we aren’t looking at for any necessary adjustments for the Galaxy Z Flip 5G hardware there are a few possibilities. 

The transfer to a beautiful elevated battery is the most likely as a result of the energy wants for 5G, severely in gentle of present 5G coverage. The transfer to the extra highly effective Snapdragon 865 processor with constructed-in 5G will most likely be a stable chance, even supposing the associated charge will be too tall to preserve the associated charge that Samsung would esteem for this instrument. Samsung would per chance presumably presumably breeze in a single other direction, by opting for a much less highly effective Snapdragon 765 processor — it’s got a constructed-in 5G modem, but now not as regards to as powerful processing muscle as the 8 Sequence chipsets.

Galaxy Z Flip 5G

(Image credit score: Tom’s Manual)

Each and each the RAM and internal storage are already ample and our assumption is that Samsung is going to attach something extra than internal adjustments for the Galaxy Z Flip 2 in 2021.

Galaxy Z Flip 5G: Outlook

The Galaxy Z Flip is the most effective foldable mobile phone to this point with solid construction, contemporary smartphone specs, and some gleaming use of the folding display veil beyond simply the diagram ingredient and gee-whiz ingredient of a folding mobile phone. It’s also doubtlessly the most cost-effective of the upright foldables on the market ethical now and whereas that’s now not a low bar to acquire below, it’s a long way positively a degree in its desire.

If the Galaxy Z Flip 5G is exclusively the original Galaxy Z Flip with 5G tacked on, that feels esteem taking a predicament instrument, especially in gentle of the fact that 5G networks are accrued evolving. There’s extremely restricted acquire entry to to 5G speeds all over loads of the U.S. and even for those who attain hang acquire entry to to 5G networks, a success on battery existence would pose be a valid declare for this instrument.

Except there’s an extremely minimal imprint hike or higher but the Galaxy Z Flip 5G simply takes on the $1,380 imprint of the original, Samsung has pretty a few convincing to attain about this rumored mobile phone.