Samsung Blu-ray Players Are Boot Looping, Possibly Over Bad SSL Certificates

Samsung Blu-ray Players Are Boot Looping, Possibly Over Bad SSL Certificates

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Hundreds of end-users are reporting complications with Samsung Blu-ray avid gamers as of Monday. The complications began on Friday and the glitch looks to construct up affected all of the avid gamers at the same time, strongly implying it was a in vogue venture.

The complications reported vary broadly reckoning on the player models. Boot loops are essentially the most in vogue venture, as shown within the video underneath. The player looks to vary into caught, eternally cycling between “Load” and “No Disc.”

A range of reported points comprise devices shutting off just a few seconds after powering on, avid gamers now not responding to commands or button presses, and devices making uncommon noises as within the occasion that they’re continually making an attempt to study a Blu-ray disc.

The root cause of the venture has been purported to be a firmware change or a hacking assault, nonetheless both of these are extremely presumably now not. The venture has hit out-of-date avid gamers that haven’t received firmware updates in years, and it’s hit so many avid gamers of diversified makes and models simultaneously, there’s no staunch probability the venture is a single hack.

Samsung is reportedly having a explore into the venture nonetheless hasn’t pushed an change or records on its findings but. It’s now not sure how the company will unravel the venture, provided that every particular person these devices seem like trapped in boot loops without a ability to originate an change within the predominant online page online. Some users are reporting that their hardware will now not energy up for more than a handful of seconds. Confidently, there’s a technique to avoid the venture and boot the tool in some originate of manufacturing facility reset mode.

For these of you questioning when Blu-ray avid gamers began requiring an internet connection, the acknowledge is, they don’t. But it absolutely’s entirely that you might well presumably deem of that this diagram tests its possess SSL certifications for validity and refuses to initialize the player if the safety certificates aren’t successfully authenticated. That’s a pure guess on my half, nonetheless the end-particular person outcomes keep up a correspondence for themselves. These machines die so mercurial, it’s sure that one thing early within the initialization assignment is killing them, and there’s most absorbing a handful of things that will doubtless be. It’s now not like a Blu-ray player is looking to initialize Windows or macOS sooner than it plays a disc.

We’ll change this fable when and if Samsung responds. Bricking dozens of Blu-ray player models is obvious to price a response from the company — optimistically sooner, rather then later. Feel free to sound off for these who possess a Samsung Blu-ray player that isn’t affected — tech boards are swamped with other folks reporting complications and it’s now not sure which models of player don’t accumulate points.

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