Resident Evil Village revealed at Sony’s PlayStation 5 event

Resident Evil Village revealed at Sony’s PlayStation 5 event

Sony launched Resident Heinous Village, the eighth entry in Capcom’s Resident Heinous series, all over its PlayStation 5 tournament on the present time. The sport will more than possible be launched in 2021.

Village appears to be like to select out place in a creepy village and looks to be like to have a major-particular person standpoint, cherish 2017’s Resident Heinous 7. RE7’s Ethan Winters will all all over again be the protagonist, and series icon Chris Redfield became once also featured within the trailer. Redfield’s appearance in Winters’ existence gadgets off “a series of events that sees a distraught Ethan on the lookout for solutions to Chris’s magnificent actions… and never directly finding him in a mysterious village,” Capcom’s Kellen Haney acknowledged in a weblog submit. Haney also acknowledged that Village has “a increased point of curiosity on fight and exploration when put next with Resident Heinous 7.”

Resident Heinous Village also looks to be like to take the slower tempo of Resident Heinous 7, differing from the extra action-focused Resident Heinous 5 and 6.

Resident Heinous followers have had plenty to play since RE7 with 2019’s Resident Heinous 2 remake and this 365 days’s Resident Heinous 3 remake.