PSA: Verizon Galaxy S20 has reduced amount of RAM

PSA: Verizon Galaxy S20 has reduced amount of RAM

Samsung Galaxy S20 in the hand screen

Credit: Eric Zeman / Android Authority

Replace, June 12, 2020 (11: 42 AM ET): The article below before everything had wrong data. The quantity of RAM within the Verizon Galaxy S20 is 8GB, not 4GB as before everything acknowledged. Android Authority regrets the error. All other data remains unchanged.

Though the Samsung Galaxy S20 line came out in February, the Verizon Galaxy S20 most attention-grabbing hit store cupboards fair currently. The cause within the help of the prolong is that Samsung considerable to settle out uncover how to cram mmWave 5G antennas into the vanilla S20 since that’s the most attention-grabbing 5G protocol Verizon helps.

Nonetheless, in step with Digital Traits, the sacrifices Samsung considerable to develop to lift in mmWave compatibility are swish considerable. We are in a position to now verify that the Verizon-branded Galaxy S20 has correct 8GB of RAM. That’s a tiny of a fall from the 12GB integrated with the unlocked Galaxy S20 you will seize from other sources (albeit with out mmWave toughen).

Additionally, the Verizon Galaxy S20 doesn’t have a microSD card slot, which is integrated with the unlocked variant.

Why is the Verizon Galaxy S20 altered cherish this?

What’s most likely going on here is that Samsung considerable to settle out a formulation to lift mmWave toughen to the Verizon Galaxy S20 with out increasing manufacturing bills too powerful. For regardless of cause, it determined losing the RAM quantity by 4GB and ditching the microSD card slot — which is an infinite cause of us seize Galaxy S telephones — might per chance be the most attention-grabbing formulation to reduce bills.

This implies Verizon customers must seize if saving $200 by skipping the Verizon Galaxy S20 Plus — which has a microSD card slot, 12GB of RAM, and mmWave toughen — is worth it within the long shuffle. I don’t learn about you, but paying $1,000 for a flagship mobile telephone that is lacking these considerable aspects would catch a tall “hell no” from me.