OMG! This Chevy Camaro ZL1 Combines Religious Symbols With… Autobots?

OMG! This Chevy Camaro ZL1 Combines Religious Symbols With… Autobots?

Non secular beliefs aside, we are awaiting that mods should always mute never fling so far as to break a automobile’s look. So while that you might like Jesus, query yourself this: does Jesus like what you staunch did to your automobile?

There are a whole bunch things sinful with this characterize. For starters, there’s that counterfeit central hood scoop, which is already pointless on a ZL1. On high of said scoop is an Autobot symbol, although we’re pretty decided that if there was a robotic hiding underneath, it will most definitely be ashamed to come out.

Furthermore, we location two additional scoops on both side of the hood, and a minimal of considered one of them has a Jesus fish on it. A 2nd Autobot symbol lies under an improvised Chevy bowtie, in front of that are three crosses. Then there’s yet any other, smaller Autobot symbol, we mediate. Christ…

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Rush additional lend a hand and also that you might perchance furthermore watch a ‘Jesus Runs Deep’ decal on high of the windshield, while the side sills have ‘Christians Obediently Preaching Salvation’ on them, or COPS for short – due to decided, why no longer?

We’d somewhat no longer even mediate about what’s going on at the lend a hand, but it certainly’s potentially extra of the same. Fortunately, here’s a “Exiguous Edition” mannequin, as evident by the front bumper stickers.

All things considered, this might perchance most likely be the worst thing ever to happen to a Camaro since one was fitted with a twin rear-axle from a Silverado HD within the UAE about a years lend a hand. But a minimal of some engineering went into constructing that Camaro Dually, whereas this took pretty powerful zero creativity.

So was it likelihood this image ended up on Reddit’s Sh*tty Automotive Mods thread? Let’s name it God’s will.

Deliver Reddit / gza6uk