Nintendo Switch Pro Controller drops to $59 at Amazon

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller drops to $59 at Amazon

While the Joy-Cons that come with the Nintendo Switch are fine controllers to start with, you may find yourself yearning for a different type of grip that gives you more options and control while you’re playing. Nintendo’s controller does just that — it has a similar style to Xbox wireless controllers and those of other consoles, giving you shoulder buttons, thumb sticks, a D-pad and more. It’s much more comfortable to use when playing action-adventure titles like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and hardcore gamers will likely prefer it over Joy-Cons so much that it becomes their default controller.

Nintendo’s first-party solution also gives you features like an infrared sensor, vibration capabilities and amiibo support, which are things that third-party controllers sometimes lack. The Pro Controller also comes with a USB-C to A cable for charging.

But we’ve always had a gripe with the Pro Controller’s $70 price tag. It’s on the expensive side and it’s made less tempting when you can get many third-party controllers for less. However, avid Switch users can feel much better about buying it while its at this $59 sale price.

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