New Super Monkey Ball Game Reportedly in Development

New Super Monkey Ball Game Reportedly in Development

A new Nice Monkey Ball recreation is reportedly in construction that shall be more in step with Nice Monkey Ball and Nice Monkey Ball 2 and no more in step with the more latest, less standard, and admittedly execrable Nice Monkey video games. The game might well per chance not be referred to as Nice Monkey Ball 3, nonetheless for all intents and purposes, it might perchance well per chance as smartly be referred to as that on story of this can carry the series assist to its roots.

The new yelp comes way of frail industry journalist and standard YouTuber Carve Robinson, who not simplest relays notice of the recreation, nonetheless shares an interview with a recent explain actor on the recreation — or more namely the distinctive announcer from the most fundamental two video games — talking about the recreation stunning openly, yet vaguely in repeat not to violate the NDA they clearly signed.

The explain actor Brian Matt confirms to Robinson that a new Monkey Ball recreation is in construction at Sega, and they’ve been introduced assist to work on it. Matt would not uncover many salient microscopic print, nonetheless hints the recreation will doubtless be more love the most fundamental two video games within the series.

Pointless to negate, everything here might well silent be taken with a grain of salt. Not simplest is nothing here reliable, nonetheless everything is discipline to commerce. That talked about, you in fact can’t bag a much bigger supply than a explain actor working on the recreation, conserving reliable SEGA papers in their hands as they focus on about the recreation in repeat to be obvious they don’t violate NDA.


Nice Monkey Ball is an arcadey platformer series that debuted assist in 2001 through Amusement Imaginative and prescient and Sega as an devoted arcade cupboard. Then, later that year, the expertise turned into introduced to the Nintendo GameCube. It not simplest sold smartly, nonetheless turned into critically-acclaimed, and in consequence spawned Nice Monkey Ball 2 a year later, which also sold smartly and turned into critically-acclaimed. Some — love me — might well even notify it be one of many particular video games of all time. Endless prepare-americaand dawdle-offs followed, nonetheless the usual of those video games snappy declined.

Or not it’s now been six years since we obtained a recent open. On the opposite hand, closing year the series returned with a remaster of Nice Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz dubbed Nice Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD. It wasn’t very devoted, mostly for the reason that genuine recreation just isn’t really very devoted, nonetheless curiously it helped generate sufficient hobby to revive the series. And it sounds love this revival is going assist to what within the foundation made the series so astronomical.

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