New Apple minisite shows what iPhone and Apple Watch can do together

New Apple minisite shows what iPhone and Apple Watch can do together

Apple on Monday published a brand novel webpage dedicated to promoting iPhone and Apple Witness as a vitality combo, with the corporate detailing queer aspects and capabilities that are unlocked when the 2 gadgets are paired.

The webpage, at the moment promoted on the homepage, runs by a record of convenience and vitality aspects that profit customers who pair an Apple Witness with iPhone.

“Add them collectively. Multiply their vitality,” Apple says.

Starting with the fundamentals, Apple notes customers can decline or reply a telephone — or FaceTime — call on Witness, then transfer it to iPhone.

Messages are also made straightforward consequently of Witness’s Tapback capability, preset replies, emoji reduction and Scribbles. Alternatively, customers can query Siri to have or reply to an incoming message the converse of mutter instructions.

More evolved aspects advertised on the minisite consist of Digicam app integration. Apple Witness would be aged to remotely physique and snap a shot, zoom in or out, swap between entrance- and rear-facing iPhone cameras and transition between camera modes. From there, customers can space a survey face that displays a single record, custom-made album or Memory by the Witness app on iOS.

Witness’s tune playback capabilities, which consist of Apple Song streaming, playlist playback, and a ways-off iPhone contain watch over, are also highlighted.

Apple Witness well being functions and records integration with the iOS Health and Relate apps catch a highlight alongside reduction for Maps, Rep My and Apple Pay.

While the page supplies no novel info about both product, it surfaces a collection of queer aspects for novel or doable buyers.

Interestingly, the devoted page is finished nearly entirely with two-dimensional vector graphics steadily viewed on fresh reduction pages and in videos published on the Apple Make stronger YouTube channel. Apple on the total employs excessive resolution product photos in its promotional material.