Resident Tainted 8, is named Resident Tainted: Village, has been launched. We bought to belief lots in the now not too long prior to now launched trailer, however we’ve even extra shrimp print about the game’s yarn and gameplay to part.

Jean-Luc Seipke

Resident Tainted 8 changed into as soon as launched at Sony’s PS5 present match with the reliable title of Resident Tainted: Village. The trailer reveals off lots, including the return of RE7 protagonist Ethan Winters. The titular village the game is location in is also showcased along with what appears to be like to be to be a werewolf. Attributable to a PlayStation Blog submit and a video message from the game’s builders, everyone is aware of now even extra shrimp print about Resident Tainted: Village.

In this video we breakdown what everyone is aware of thus a ways about the game’s assign, including the plan it ties into Resident Tainted 7, and what the deal is with Chris Redfield. We also talk about about a gameplay shrimp print, and bag a prime belief at the game’s stock design, which offers off stable Resident Tainted 4 vibes. There’s also a mysterious image that the builders declare holds a ton of secrets and ways about the game.

Resident Tainted: Village is location to come attend out in 2021 for PS5 and Xbox Sequence X as successfully as PC. Capcom promises extra shrimp print on Village at the tip of the summer season, so stop tuned to GameSpot for all issues Resident Tainted.