Macbook Pro 16 Gets a GPU Update and Outperforms iMac Pro

Macbook Pro 16 Gets a GPU Update and Outperforms iMac Pro

The original Macbook Pro 16 appropriate got an replace on the graphics card facet. Now, it’ll even be custom-made with potentially the most recent AMD 5600M GPU, and in accordance to this test, it outperforms the iMac Pro.

It hasn’t been prolonged since Apple offered the original 16″ Macbook Pro. It has been available either with the 4 GB or 8 GB AMD Radeon Pro graphics card. However, AMD released a original Apple-explicit graphics card, the Radeon PRO 5600M, and the principle assessments demonstrate a noticeable elevate in the performance.

No longer just like the 5500M reminiscence module, the original 5600M comes with the HBM2 reminiscence as a replace of the GDDR6. The HBM2 (a.okay.a. High-Bandwith Memory 2) has been an alternative to GDDR reminiscence expertise, and despite its excessive manufacturing payment, it offers higher performance in some conditions.

On this video, Max Yuryev of Max Tech assessments out the original 16” Macbook Pro with the Radeon Pro 5600M and compares his results with the previous most effective graphics choices available both on the Macbook Pro and the 5K iMac Pro. His initial test results recount a higher performance when put next to the previous Macbook Pro models and the iMac models with top specs.

This original graphics card possibility is fully available on the 16” Macbook Pro.