Logitech’s iPad Keyboard Is the Magic Keyboard for Everyone Else

Logitech’s iPad Keyboard Is the Magic Keyboard for Everyone Else

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Apple’s 10.2-lunge unsuitable-model iPad is a colossal deal. For $330, you get a handy book a rough, solid tablet perfect for streaming TV, learning ebooks, and skimming the secure. But one diminutive incompatibility I didn’t judge grand about when Apple refreshed its cheapest iPad ideal 365 days is the addition of the Dapper Connector, which ability that you can at as soon as join a 3rd-birthday celebration accent without the utilization of Bluetooth to pair it. The Dapper Connector, presented with the iPad Pro, is how Apple’s $350 Magic Keyboard connects to the contemporary iPad Pros, and now Logitech has created a the same skills for essentially the most practical iPad, the utilization of the Dapper Connector to salvage the $150 Combo Contact keyboard case with touchpad. It’s bask in the Magic Keyboard, nonetheless more affordable.

I obtained’t lie: Logitech’s keyboard case is no longer as top fee because the Magic Keyboard. But for $200 less, I didn’t count on of Logitech to pair a cantilevered floating create, 130-diploma tilt, and an extremely worthwhile USB-C charging port as Apple integrated with its keyboard. Once you absorb the cheapest iPad, you’re presumably no longer the utilization of it as a pc replacement as continuously as you would a Pro. Logitech’s iPad keyboard with touchpad is Magic Keyboard enough for most of us (especially for the cost).

When Apple took the wraps off of refreshed the iPad Pros earlier this 365 days, the company announced that its total lineup of most fashioned iPads would at ideal strengthen trackpads and mice with iPadOS 13.4—which methodology that the iPad’s most sport-altering feature in years wasn’t restricted to the priciest models. On the the same time, the company announced its Magic Keyboard, a keyboard case with touchpad to assist Pro customers win aid of the trackpad strengthen. But the Magic Keyboard is simplest successfully matched with the Pros, leaving every person else to endure with a Bluetooth trackpad or mouse. It’s no longer colossal.

But then Logitech stepped in with the Combo Contact keyboard case, which comes in two alternate recommendations: one of which is successfully matched with the Seventh-gen iPad, and one of which works with both the third-gen iPad Air and 10.5-lunge iPad Pro. (Each versions are $150.) I tested the model that works with the unsuitable-model Seventh-gen iPad and became as soon as pleasantly surprised with neutral how successfully Logitech nailed the fundamentals: the keys and the touchpad.

In incompatibility to the Magic Keyboard, Logitech’s case comes in two objects: the case itself, which sports actions a kickstand, and the keyboard, which attaches to the Dapper Connector. The 2-part create methodology you may advise the Combo Contact in a unfold of completely different modes: Entirely prop up the kickstand to kind, win away the keyboard and lengthen the stand support for the utilization of the Apple Pencil or Logitech Crayon to write or plan, or give procedure the stand and retain the iPad to learn. Apple’s Magic Keyboard is nowhere shut to as versatile ensuing from you may absorb to win the general disclose off to ditch the keyboard. Logitech’s model is procedure thicker than Apple’s, that will seemingly be disturbing to just a few, nonetheless it completely didn’t effort me.

Admire the Magic Keyboard, Logitech’s Combo Contact case has an extremely responsive touchpad that helps iPadOS gestures, and its backlit scissor-switch keys are delightfully clicky with 1mm key roam. But the Combo Contact case does Apple’s model one higher with a row of iOS feature keys on the raze that replicate a pc’s keyboard shortcuts: brightness, volume, a home button, and extra. One amongst the shortcuts also calls up the on-show mask keyboard if you ought to kind on the touchscreen—an choice no longer on hand with the Magic Keyboard. I didn’t proceed out this row of keys after I became as soon as on the foundation the utilization of the iPad Pro with Apple’s keyboard, nonetheless now that I’ve been switching between the two, I need Apple had idea to encompass the shortcut keys. I counsel them the general time.

Logitech’s keyboard isn’t all neutral. The 2-part create methodology that infrequently the keyboard will pop off if you’re adjusting the stand or if you elect up the iPad without closing the keyboard first, which is disturbing. The advise of the kickstand to prop up the iPad on my lap became as soon as OK for a whereas, nonetheless it completely doesn’t in level of truth feel all that sturdy or cheerful for long typing sessions.

Typing on this keyboard is a dream, but the fabric starts to feel unpleasant after awhile.

Typing on this keyboard is a dream, nonetheless the material starts to in level of truth feel corrupt after awhile.
Photo: Caitlin McGarry (Gizmodo)

Then there’s the material create of the case, which is textured in such a methodology that starts to in level of truth feel bask in rubbing your fingers in opposition to a tweed sport coat. I wouldn’t verbalize it’s unhappy, nonetheless it completely is a diminutive corrupt after typing for a whereas. I need Logitech had chosen a smoother cloth.

But overall, the Combo Contact keyboard case is a solid Magic Keyboard different. It rapid turns the cheapest iPad into a pc ought to you wish it. I became as soon as ready to analyze and write most of this evaluation the utilization of neutral the iPad. Once you intend to ditch your pc altogether, the iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard is peaceable the methodology to breeze—the low tag iPad’s show mask is simply too microscopic for me to get most of my work performed, and I take the Magic Keyboard’s in level of truth feel. But if you desire the choice to advise your iPad as a pc without dishing out thousands of bucks, the Combo Contact case gets you different the methodology there.


  • A solid, clicky keyboard with trackpad that at as soon as connects to the cheapest iPad via Dapper Connector.
  • Responsive trackpad and cheerful typing skills, though the textured fabric isn’t ideal for long sessions of advise.
  • Blueprint keys for iOS shortcuts are a dream.