Let’s Check Out Masahiro Sakurai’s Living Room!

Let’s Check Out Masahiro Sakurai’s Living Room!

With extra folk working from home on account of the unconventional coronavirus pandemic, now we relish gotten a window into every form of folk’ properties. This time, it’s Masahiro Sakurai!

The old day, Gargantuan Shatter Bros. Final director Masahiro Sakurai revealed that Min Min from ARMS was once joining the fray. This time, though, Sakurai filmed the announcement himself from his entrance room. On the time of filming, a express of emergency had been declared in Japan.

See at Sakurai’s consoles!

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Here’s a spherical-up of his gaming set up:

He has two screens because he likes to understand TV whereas gaming—and he’ll usually speed video games on two screens when he has someone over.

As pointed out on My Sport Info Flash, followers even tracked down Sakurai’s sofa.

It’s a 161,029 yen ($1,504) reclining sofa from furniture store chain Nitori.

While a thousand bucks and some swap is a chunk of cash, some followers seemed surprised that Sakurai doesn’t relish extra costly luxurious furniture—Nitori is a usual store with locations right via Japan. Him having a Nitori sofa makes Sakurai extra relatable, I guess.

Even supposing, all those consoles and double TVs, are absolutely high-notch entrance room goals.