Is A New Weapon Coming To Apex Legends in Season 6?

Is A New Weapon Coming To Apex Legends in Season 6?

Apex Legends Season 5 launched us to plenty of fresh additions and adjustments. These incorporated Loba, the season quest, and adjustments to the terrain of Kings Canyon, amongst others. A brand fresh weapon used to be lacking, though. However now, data has emerged that would per chance additionally make clear a most likely fresh weapon coming to Respawn’s battle royale within the extinguish.

Standard Apex Legends recount creator, The Gaming Carrier provider, has discussed the probability of a brand fresh weapon in his most up to date YouTube video. This comes after credible Apex Legends data miner, Shrugtal, credited a Redditor for spotting the the same weapon within the battle pass trailer video that contains the Attention to Detail skin for Wingman.

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Fresh grenade launcher coming to Apex Legends in Season 6?

In his video, The Gaming Carrier provider showed a short 2nd from the trailer which displays the weapon. A DUMMIE is considered maintaining the EPG grenade launcher from Titanfall 2. Meanwhile, Shrugtal took in depth measures of his procure to recreate the scene with the EPG and a DUMMIE. He equipped extra insight and an even bigger watch on the weapon.

Comparing them seems brilliant conclusive, stock is a diminutive bit elevated on outdated animation because of the 1 year incompatibility and no additive animations.

— Shrugtal (@shrugtal) June 5, 2020

Shrugtal printed the EPG used to be fresh within the sport data from March 2019. He additionally identified that a weapon’s presence within the sport data doesn’t necessarily confirm its arrival to the sport.

For reference, the EPG because it used to be within the information from March 2019.

Please gift that this doesn’t imply that it is a long way coming!!. It hasn’t been within the sport since, I am merely utilizing it for reference.

Mountainous thanks to @luisw_1998 for making this render that you’re going to have the flexibility to imagine.

— Shrugtal (@shrugtal) June 5, 2020

In step with him, the grenade launcher confirmed within the trailer is EPG-2, a successor of EPG-1 from Titanfall 2. The gun reputedly obtained a severely change for Apex Legends. He additionally remarked that this would per chance well per chance be the motive leisurely the presence of the Explosive Ammo icon within the sport data.

It’s no longer the principle time a trailer has teased a most likely fresh weapon. The Gaming Carrier provider acknowledged that in Crypto’s finisher video for Season 3, yet one more DUMMIE looked with the Sentinel. The developers finally added the sniper rifle to the sport. Furthermore, in yet one more cinematic trailer, Pathfinder used to be seen maintaining the Havoc rifle, which later made its technique to the sport.

Moreover, Season 5 is the principle instance without a brand fresh weapon. So, it’ll additionally have the flexibility to imply the EPG will seemingly accomplish its technique to Apex Legends in Season 6. Within the extinguish it is a long way up to Respawn to consist of fresh recount into the sport. Making fresh additions is a resolution for the devs. Whatever the proof, nothing is traipse yet. We’ll must wait and impress if the EPG arrives within the extinguish.

Meanwhile, The Gaming Carrier provider has featured Titanfall 2 gameplay with the EPG grenade launcher in his video linked above. These interested can verify it out.

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