iPhone picture-in-picture for iOS 14: Which apps it works with, how it tops Android

iPhone picture-in-picture for iOS 14: Which apps it works with, how it tops Android


Image in Image keeps a thumbnail of a video playing whereas you intention the relaxation to your phone.

Apple. Screenshot by CNET

iPhone ($699 at Apple) owners the utilization of iOS 14 are in for a treat with Image in Image, a new iPhone characteristic launched on Monday as fragment of Apple’s on-line WWDC match. A Samsung innovation that used to be later adopted by all Android phones, checklist in checklist has been a staple for years. The characteristic is no longer new for Apple — it already exists on the iPad — however it’s new to the iPhone in explicit, an iconic machine with over 100 million users in the US, in response to Statista.

Irrespective of its slack arrival for the iPhone, Apple’s protect stop on the video characteristic has some extra tips that Google would per chance perchance are looking out to imitate. Image in Image and other iPhone aspects will come to iOS 14 public beta in July and to all individuals else in the plunge.

Right here is what Image in Image is, how it works, how it would per chance perchance surpass PiP on Android phones, and its limitations. (And here’s the explicit strategy to declare if iOS 14 will work with your iPhone.)

What’s Image in Image video for iOS 14?

Image in Image skill that you just can search a thumbnail-dimension video play in the nook of your masks whereas you intention other issues to your phone. The video sticks round as you pop originate a chat window, scroll thru a files sage to your browser or gorgeous-tune your masks settings. So, chances are high you’ll perchance look a video on the iPhone from any masks.


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Image in Image is the moral name Apple gave this characteristic, however or no longer it’s in overall known in mobile circles as checklist-in-checklist or PiP.

Image in Image will work with these iPhone apps straight away

  • Apple TV
  • Podcasts
  • Safari
  • FaceTime
  • iTunes
  • Home
  • Any third-social gathering app that helps the characteristic on iPad this day

App developers who’re looking out to make essentially the most of PiP should always make advise of Apple’s Image in Image APIs.

How Image in Image will work on the iPhone


You would per chance perchance protect a FaceTime dialog going in iOS 14 whereas your schedule, or any other iPhone masks.

Apple. Screenshot by Jessica Dolcourt/CNET

Whichever phone you spend it on, checklist-in-checklist is a large runt consolation characteristic. You intention no longer exit of your manner to make advise of it. It comes to you, and in a technique that should always be totally pure and precious.

Right here is what occurs on the iPhone. You initiate staring at a video on a admire minded app. It occurs to you that you just hold to answer to a textual command, take a look at your email or look up the weather. As you swipe as a lot as transfer Home, your video shrinks down and continues to roll in a thumbnail discover. This works with FaceTime calls, too.

The thumbnail is persistent, which implies chances are high you’ll perchance switch to any app you are looking out to hold for as lengthy as you are looking out to hold without the video going away. To assemble the video window bigger, pinch to zoom. To transfer it round, merely inch it with your fingertip. 

If the PiP window goes in the procedure, chances are high you’ll perchance swipe it off to the facet the effect it docks and all but disappears, leaving you a tab to tug when you are looking out to hold it out again. Right here is the ideal fragment — the audio continues to play even when you happen to dock the video thumbnail.

While in Image in Image mode, chances are high you’ll perchance stop, return or plod forward on apps that abet these controls. And you’re going to faucet a adjust to transfer tubby masks or stop the video exclusively, articulate when you happen to’re carried out with a FaceTime name.

What Google and Samsung would per chance perchance learn from iOS 14’s Image in Image

Apple’s Image in Image characteristic would per chance perchance hold a leg up on Android PiP two techniques. I felt my eyes illuminate when Apple demonstrated the docking characteristic in iOS 14. On Android phones, chances are high you’ll perchance inch round a PiP window anyplace on the masks that you just are looking out to hold, but transfer it to the margins and it’ll bump round admire a bowling ball at a child’s birthday social gathering.

I will no longer declare you the procedure repeatedly I’ve closed a PiP window inflamed that it used to be gradually in the procedure. However you intention no longer gradually are looking out to stop the video. The choice to protect the audio playing after docking the video sounds extremely invaluable for FaceTime calls, so chances are high you’ll perchance temporarily assemble tubby advise of your masks whereas talking to the opposite person. 

For instance, presumably you hold to fastidiously discover strolling directions, but you light need them as a procedure to discover your face on video. 

Pinch to zoom is the opposite skill standout with Apple’s Image in Image application. It would no longer exist for Android. On phones admire the Samsung Galaxy S20 and OnePlus 8 Expert ($999 at OnePlus), I would per chance perchance zoom to assemble it a runt bit of larger, and a second zoom strive opened it to tubby dimension. If Apple’s manner presents you gorgeous scaling (as it appears to intention) and works as marketed, that would per chance perchance assemble other phone manufacturers listen.

Of route, we’ll hold to protect stop a review on the procedure firsthand in the iOS 14 beta, and in the carried out machine to discover how it truly compares.

What iPhone’s Image in Image would per chance perchance no longer be ready to intention

Apple’s new characteristic is marketed to work with video finest, in contrast with PiP on Android, which additionally works with Maps. As somebody with a lamentable sense of route, keeping one scrutinize on strolling directions whereas I am doing no matter else I am doing has been a lifesaver extra times than I will depend. Optimistically Apple will assemble better one day to encompass Apple — and Google — maps within the Image in Image realm.

Right here is what you hold to know about iOS 14 and everything Apple launched at WWDC.