iPhone 11 Pro vs Pixel 4 XL vs Galaxy S20 Ultra: slow-motion video comparison

iPhone 11 Pro vs Pixel 4 XL vs Galaxy S20 Ultra: slow-motion video comparison

iPhone 11 Pro vs Pixel 4 XL vs Galaxy S20 Ultra: slow-motion video comparison

Slack-budge videos are an extra special thought. Via them, we accumulate to guage events that in general happen scheme too lickety-split for our visible thought in a scheme that’s both spectacular and proper undeniable frigid. In fact professional high-meander cameras had been round for a while however now even the cameras on our smartphones receive gradual-budge and even colossal gradual-budge modes.

Slack-mo continually remains skipped over by reviewers and users alike. In our fresh ballotregarding “secondary” camera modes, ideal 3% of of us acknowledged gradual-budge is the mode they use essentially the most after state and video.

That’s why we determined to take three high-dwell smartphones and review both the expertise of capturing gradual-budge videos with them and the quality of acknowledged videos. Our lineup contains Apple’s 

iPhone 11 Pro Max, Google’s

Pixel 4 XL and Samsung’s

Galaxy S20 Extremely. The three companies’ high telephones appropriate now.

To deal with issues graceful, we shot at 240fps. As some distance as gradual-budge goes, that’s no longer a extremely high frame-rate, however it’s the absolute top that all three telephones toughen. On the other hand, we also receive a couple of examples of the S20 Extremely’s colossal gradual-budge, which comes at 960fps (technically 480fps with interpolated frames).

How straight forward it’s miles to shoot gradual-budge videos?

In terms of 240fps videos, issues are slightly straight forward. You fable the video as long-established after that you can perchance well edit it, by picking which fragment of it would possibly perchance really also honest peaceable be played in gradual budge, so don’t want to take a seat by gradual photos of nothing happening.

The interface is comparable on the three telephones however we learned the Samsung’s bettering menu especially anxious. It kept disappearing each time you’re attempting to experience the sliders bracketing the gradual fragment of the video.

960fps is a whole different ball game. Аt that framerate, telephones can continually fable about a 2nd of right-time action. That makes timing extremely well-known and getting a honest shot delicate. But you’ll likely be in a attach to take a colossal gradual-budge video of your child batting at a softball game, given a couple of alternatives. There is an option for the cellular telephone to launch recording each time budge is detected for the duration of the frame however or no longer it’s no longer indispensable in every direct.

On the plus facet, colossal gradual-mo appears to be very spectacular when the stars align and is what you’d demand to guage, to launch up with. When when put next, the 240fps videos are somewhat lackluster since they don’t gradual down issues as great.

The honest news is that telephones will ideal enhance in that regard, so a couple of years from now the quality and ease of use can also honest peaceable be severely improved.

But enough speaking, let’s look some gradual-budge videos!

Scene 1: Bouncing balls

We’re commencing straight forward, correct a baseball bouncing off a volleyball. The iPhone’s video has somewhat too great difference to the purpose it appears to be grainy. The S20 Extremely appears to be severely identical however keeps issues more balanced. The colours within the Pixel 4 video gaze duller when put next, however general the quality is terribly honest.

We glance that on this scene, even though the balls were dropped from a low height and transferring slightly slowly, the 240fps is now not any longer enough for a formidable shot. We added a 960fps video from the S20 Extremely for comparison and or no longer it’s evident that slowing down the action comes with an glaring good buy in quality however or no longer it’s generally great nearer to what you would demand to guage in a gradual-budge video with none different context.

Depending in your taste, your high pick for this scene is in general either the Pixel or the S20, with the iPhone taking the third attach.

Scene 2: Balloon meets piquant plant

This scene is a honest instance of some frigid photographs you would possibly perchance perchance well take even at 240fps. The moment the balloon pops however the water keeps its form before clashing with the plant after which spills over it, is without problems something you would possibly perchance perchance well no longer expertise with a long-established video. The three telephones are also plenty nearer when it comes to quality, making it delicate to pick out a winner. On the other hand, the Pixel’s colour steadiness offers it a cramped edge in my book. 

Sound shall be a wide fragment of the gradual-budge expertise. Listening to the splashing sounds slowed down and amplified for shuffle offers a dramatic feel to the video. You would possibly perchance perchance look that more pronounced in later examples.

Scene 3: Balloon meets concrete

Again, very identical ends up in phrases of video quality. While 240fps is now not any longer enough to steal the paunchy glory of the exploding balloon, our canines participant on this scene shows that gradual-budge video can successfully be passe to steal reactions to speedily events, which is correct as animated. The right star of the purpose to here is the 960fps video from the S20 Extremely. With a frame-rate 4 instances higher, you would possibly perchance perchance well clearly look the balloon squishing before it disintegrates and the water splashing in spectacular trend. Sure, at that resolution it would possibly perchance really also honest no longer gaze colossal on a 4K TV, however it works colossal for gathering likes on social media.

Scene 4: Bow capturing

With more tough lighting conditions, the variations between the three telephones accumulate more glaring yet again. This time, on the other hand, the iPhone 11 Pro and the S20 Extremely seem to receive performed the next shot, with the Pixel 4 XL photos being too gentle and the colors somewhat off. In terms of budge capturing, the arrow is simply too speedily for 240 fps to point to something interesting, however the the same can’t be acknowledged for the bow itself. The motions the bow goes by after the originate give us odd insights about the stresses it endures.

Scene 5: Archery draw be conscious

In this scene some further sharpness is virtually needed. Attempting to steal a paunchy arrow flight meant we would possibly perchance perchance well now not had been choosy about the background. As a end result, the Galaxy S20 Extremely edges out the Pixel and the iPhone when it comes to the clarity of the video, making it a little bit more straightforward to be conscious the arrow. Speaking of which, or no longer it’s peaceable too lickety-split for 240fps, however at least you accumulate to guage it bound after it hits the draw. The 960fps photos, even though grainier, does point out that while flying, arrows are something however straight. 

Scene 6: Falling dominoes

The correct scene we shot inner and you would possibly perchance perchance well state. Despite having 3 lights on within the room, the videos from the iPhone 11 Pro and the Galaxy S20 Extremely are on the darker previous comfort. Additionally, on the iPhone video there’s a unfamiliar ghosting accumulate round a couple of of the domino pieces even before they birth falling. 

By some distance the ideal video is that from the Pixel 4 XL, with the Samsung cellular telephone somewhere within the center, however nearer to the iPhone. The sound from all three is mostly gratifying on this video, however within the Pixel video or no longer it’s miles a little bit out of sync.


So, all acknowledged and performed, if there must be one winner, which cellular telephone would it be? The Pixel 4 XL and the Galaxy S20 Extremely are neck and neck for the predominant attach. Since we’re speaking about gradual budge, on the other hand, we can’t ignore the real fact that the Extremely has colossal gradual budge as neatly, so we will use it as a tie-breaker, giving the Samsung Galaxy S20 Extremely the consume. 

It be price pointing out that the S20 Extremely is the ideal 2020 mannequin, albeit being ideal a couple of months more fresh than its opponents (and some distance dearer). While the iPhone areas final on this comparison, issues would possibly be different near November. 

Convey us within the comments below in expose for you us to revisit the gradual-budge expertise as soon as the whole flagships for 2020 are out.