How to use ‘dot’ glitch to skip paywalls and watch YouTube without ads

How to use ‘dot’ glitch to skip paywalls and watch YouTube without ads

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This quick trick lets you dodge YouTube ads.
This like a flash trick enables you to dodge YouTube adverts.
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At the side of a single character to a URL can allow you to bypass some websites’ metered paywalls and behold YouTube videos without having to endure these annoying adverts.

The easy hack — typing a “dot” immediately after the “.com” in a web page’s URL — doesn’t work on every single web express online available. However it completely does give you an commercial-free pass to masses of them.

It appears to work without fail on YouTube. And it appears reasonably effective at pushing aside these “you’ve read all of your free articles for the month” warnings that some websites back up in a picture to push subscriptions.

Straightforward programs to preserve away from YouTube adverts

A Reddit user who goes by unicorn4sale it sounds as if discovered the odd hack. Here’s how unicorn4sale describes it:

fyi: You can bypass youtube adverts by collectively with a dot after the domain

On desktop browsers.

To alter to up: I had within the inspiration assumed that it didn’t work on cellular for the reason that browsers normalized the URL, on the opposite hand this isn’t the case. The redirection occurs on the server aspect. So, whenever which it’s doubtless you’ll enjoy this to work on cellular browsers, spend the “Save a query to Desktop Intention” arrangement.

As an instance, // will from time to time present adverts // will no longer present adverts

Look YouTube without adverts on smartphones, too

On iPhones, you have to perchance well manufacture the same thing by inquiring for the desktop model of the positioning by pressing the aA button on the far left of cellular Safari’s contend with bar. (That same trick works for listening to YouTube tune within the background, BTW.)

As PCWorld factors out, the extra “dot” desktop workaround “doesn’t work for sites which can perchance be fully subscription-supported” — enormous-time moneymakers enjoy The Wall Street Journal and that crowd.

A never-ending war towards adverts (and blockers)

Workarounds enjoy this come and drag, as websites adapt to the most widespread dispositions. Ad-fueled websites and providers and products repeatedly play a cat-and-mouse game with ad blockers and same applied sciences.

Who knows how prolonged this one will persist. However for now, it’s an effortless procedure to bypass these YouTube adverts without paying $12 a month for YouTube Top rate. And to ranking your eyes on some files articles you don’t if fact be told feel enjoy paying for.

By approach of: PCWorld