How to Make Google Auto-Delete Your Web and Location History -To Geek

How to Make Google Auto-Delete Your Web and Location History -To Geek

Deleting activity older than 18 months in your Google account.

Google collects and remembers knowledge about your narrate, including your net, search, and self-discipline ancient past. Google now auto-deletes ancient past for designate current customers after 18 months, but this is in a position to maybe per chance additionally endure in mind ancient past for ever and ever if you happen to beforehand enabled this characteristic with the default alternatives.

As an current particular person, to own Google delete your knowledge after 18 months, you’ll must proceed into your narrate settings and trade this option. You’d additionally additionally reveal Google to auto-delete narrate after three months or halt narrate sequence entirely.

To search out these alternatives, head to the Declare Controls net page and register with your Google account if you happen to aren’t already signed in. Click on the “Auto-delete” option beneath Net & App Declare.


Pick out if you happen to hope to delete knowledge—after 18 months or 3 months. Click on “Subsequent” and remark to continue.

Undergo in mind: Google uses this ancient past to personalize your expertise, including your net search outcomes and solutions. Deleting this is in a position to maybe per chance additionally own your Google expertise less “customized.”

Auto-deleting activity older than 3 months in a Google account.

Scroll down on the online page and repeat this activity for varied styles of knowledge it is likely you’ll maybe per chance well additionally must auto-delete, including Space Historic past and YouTube Historic past.

Auto-delete controls for YouTube History in a Google account.

You’d additionally additionally disable (“discontinuance”) narrate ancient past sequence by clicking the slider to the coolest of a form of knowledge. If it’s blue, it’s enabled. If it’s grayed out, it’s disabled.

If the “Auto-delete” option for a form of ancient past knowledge is grayed out, that’s due to you’ve paused (disabled) sequence of that knowledge.

Disabling Location History for a Google account.

You’d additionally additionally head to the My Declare net page and utilize the “Delete narrate by” option within the left sidebar to manually delete diverse styles of knowledge kept on your Google account.

Construct definite that to repeat this activity for every Google account you utilize.

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