How to make an underwater map work in Fortnite Season 3

How to make an underwater map work in Fortnite Season 3


“SpongeBob physics” will almost definitely be the most straightforward contrivance that an underwater design will work in Fortnite Season 3.


6 hours within the past


Fortnite Season 3 is valid over every week away, and rumors are swirling about what this can lift. It appears to be like all however confirmed that a flood will overtake the design, which has followers equally difficult and horrified.

An underwater design will be unheard of or it will almost definitely be unpleasant. Swimming in Fortnite is notoriously inconsistent and traumatic. All-water zones are the worst, and we are in a position to’t imagine a design that’s solely comprised of the water physics from Seasons 1 and a number of.

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A Fortnite design that’s solely underwater and forces avid gamers to swim the total time would likely be a wretchedness. It could possibly presumably alternate the game a long way too great, and most avid gamers would potentially be turned off after a number of weeks – no longer to level out the total bugs that can presumably likely come up from this mechanic.

That’s why we’re predicting something diverse. We noticed a post on Reddit from u/JjGuyy0 that completely illustrates what we mediate will happen when Season 3 comes out.

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In build of swimming and floating below the water, we’re predicting what JjGuyy0 calls, “SpongeBob physics.” Even supposing the crossover doesn’t happen, his presence could presumably also be felt thru the gameplay.

What we mean by that is that avid gamers acquired’t float. As one more, the underwater segment of the design will act just like the in style-or-backyard design – as is the case in SpongeBob. Avid gamers will sink to the underside and use unique water-based mostly vehicles to transfer round.

By capacity of: u/JjGuyy0

We heard rumors about a shark automobile, however the specifics from JjGuyy0 are easiest hypothesis. The mechanics of the islands manufacture sense, nevertheless, and we inquire of to gaze something corresponding to what u/JjGuyy0 has proposed.

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In our conception, “SpongeBob physics” is the most straightforward design to manufacture an underwater Fortnite design work. It is miles going to alternate runt rather then the aesthetics of the design, which is ready to be a ideal breath of unique air for the community. Let’s hope that we’re accurate.

System defects

This Fortnite participant experienced an endless game attributable to a novel and uncommon glitch.


16 seconds within the past


June 2, 2020

Fortnite Storm

There personal always been – and always will be – bugs in Fortnite. There will be bugs in each and each game, however they could presumably also be more frustrating in competitive ones. Some bugs are fun and accurate for a snigger, whereas others manufacture you like to personal to Summit your video show.

This bug falls in between these categories – equally traumatic and intelligent. One Fortnite participant experienced a novel and uncommon bug that introduced about the storm to handle faraway from the island. He reportedly played for an hour, clearing out the lobby and having a seek the supreme particular person, sooner than calling it quits and letting a bush-camper have interaction.

By capacity of: u/woofblah

This extraordinary glitch was as soon as likely attributable to Midas’ tinkering with the storm. The storm circles personal been atypical for the reason that supreme Fortnite change – mirroring those of Warzone sooner than terrorized to a smaller, more familiar circle.

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Theories personal it that that is the work of Midas, who is making an attempt to cease or in some other case mess with the storm sooner than the Doomsday Tournament.

In this match, u/woofblah spent his time accumulating the total mythic weapons he could presumably lift. He also traveled a reported 28km having a seek his final purpose sooner than getting rid of himself and seeing a bush camper within the nook of the design.

By capacity of: u/woofblah

Right here’s the principal time that we’ve considered this kind of glitch, so it must be uncommon. Once more, it’s likely that the bug was as soon as triggered by the updated storm.

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Reveal us if this self-discipline becomes more novel. In a game like this, it becomes a battle of attrition. How execrable manufacture you like to personal the have interaction? Extra than the kid within the bush? Potentially no longer.


Original Fortnite Season 3 leaks promise a step by step lower water level over the course of the season.


3 hours within the past


June 2, 2020

The internet was as soon as buzzing, the day old to this, when the PlayStation store by chance released a promotional image for Fortnite Season 3. We can give them the profit of the doubt that they weren’t willing for a supreme-minute extension, however they’d light personal been early by two days early.

The leaked image was as soon as puny nevertheless it was as soon as sufficient to nearly ascertain the rumors of a design-huge flood and birth some unique rumors about a doable SpongeBob crossover.

YouTuber, Tabor Hill, was as soon as the principal creator who was as soon as offering us with leaked recordsdata sooner than Season 3. His source gave him recordsdata about Event Royale, the flood, and the Season 3 Fight Movement sooner than any of it had been released or corroborated by extra recordsdata.

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He came abet with a video on June 1, following the PlayStation Store’s leaked image. The video covered loads of his authentic leaks and the theories surrounding the unique image however added some extra recordsdata on top.

To those that are horrified in regards to the entire design being covered in water, Tabor Hill stated, “Chronicle knows what they’re doing … You’re no longer going to be solely on water, don’t fright.” He also added one more a part of recordsdata that he withheld in his authentic video: the water level will trudge down because the season progresses and “in a roundabout design return to traditional.”

(3: 30 for cell viewers)

To add a runt of intrigue to the terminate of his video, Tabor Hill suggested his viewers that, “One or two unique locations could presumably simply disclose themselves.”

So, in step with these leaks, the water level will lower over the course of the season – corresponding to how the snow has melted in past cool weather events. This makes ideal sense and we could presumably gaze it occurring this contrivance.

With any luck, nevertheless, the starting build of the season doesn’t use the unusual swimming mechanics that we personal within the game. “SpongeBob physics” underwater could presumably be an ultimate middle-ground if the entire design is flooded, as we covered in a separate article.

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All of this recordsdata will be confirmed accurate or unsuitable on June 11. We’ll handle you covered with more rumors, leaks, and more as we take a seat up for the occasion and unique season.


This Season 3 conception makes all Fortnite hitboxes visible in Ingenious Mode.


4 hours within the past


June 2, 2020

It’s no secret that competitive Fortnite avid gamers gravitate towards a definite beget of skin. We dub these skins “sweaty.” They’re largely female and largely straightforward, which is a bonus in a competitive third-particular person shooter.

Smaller characters pick in much less of your show camouflage and are more sophisticated to tune. Easy outfits also support you to mix into the environment rather then stick out like a sore thumb.

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Chronicle personal maintained that each and each certainly one of their hitboxes are the identical – unheard of and puny skins alike. We hold that they’re telling the truth, however that doesn’t alternate the truth that monumental skins surely feel like a huge problem in Fortnite.

Skins like Cable, Rippley, Sizable Chuggus, Brutus, and others surely feel like they’re more straightforward to hit. We are going to almost definitely be unpleasant, nevertheless it makes us surely feel inclined to wear these skins in a game.

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Despite the claims that each and each certainly one of many hitboxes are identical, the participant execrable doesn’t know precisely what the Fortnite hitboxes gaze like. Reddit user u/williambash came up with a conception that will support us fetch the hitboxes internal each and each skin.

This outfit could presumably be free and would easiest be available in Ingenious Mode. It could possibly presumably even be an equitable outfit for every and each skin so we are in a position to know, as soon as and for all if there are any differences.

By capacity of: u/williambash

This outfit would support us better realize why we could presumably simply be lacking a number of of our shots. Bloom will always be a pickle nevertheless it’s exacerbated when it sounds like our shots are hitting an opponent and so they don’t register.

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This conception is a puny suggestion and easy sufficient to implement into the game. It could possibly presumably support clarify any hitbox confusion and, likely, garner definite feedback from the competitive community. It’s a have interaction-have interaction.