How to extend the life of your game console

How to extend the life of your game console


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Seven years is a prolonged time in the tech world. You practically completely would no longer preserve the same phone for seven years, or the same pc. Nonetheless when you happen to provided a contemporary Xbox One or PlayStation 4 in 2013, when those consoles first and valuable went on sale, it will be seven years frail later this 300 and sixty five days. 

That’s also when the next-period consoles — the Xbox Sequence X and the PlayStation 5 — are launching. Nonetheless with costs expected to be around $400 to $600 and with potentially miniature availability resulting from coronavirus present chain disruptions, there are larger than a pair of reasons to preserve off on being an early adopter. 

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Impartial appropriate as we told you how one can lengthen the lifetime of your pc, these are some tricks to preserve your contemporary-gen sport console operating smoothly. Consoles would possibly perchance maybe well additionally be fickle: They’re mostly sealed boxes, they generate a sort of heat (while in total sitting in enclosed lounge media facilities) and most quiet rep spinning laborious disks and optical drives — both of that will be a level of failure. You would possibly perchance maybe maybe rep that the genuine scamper of the Xbox 360 had a excessive lifetime failure rate, indicated by the dreaded Crimson Ring of Death

Whereas there are a sort of generations of the contemporary consoles, at the side of the more contemporary PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, these tricks are essentially geared toward earlier hardware, which is the presumably to desire honest a diminutive relieve. 

A very small number of Xbox One consoles have disc drive issues, says Microsoft.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Purchase it frigid

Are the fans to your console operating like wind mills? If your sport machine is stuck on honest a diminutive shelf under your TV, I’m no longer vastly a good deal surprised. These boxes rep gaming-PC-stage CPUs and GPUs internal, that will scamper sizzling. And they also’re per technology that is larger than seven years frail, that implies they’ve neglected out on the closing several generations of efficiency and performance tweaks. Why else dangle you reflect the Xbox One has a energy brick the size of a poundcake? 

Warmth is the enemy of home electronics. Listed below are some traditional tricks for preserving issues frigid and breezy. 

  • Don’t preserve your console in a closed glass or wood cabinet, namely when it is operating.
  • Don’t stack diversified gadgets — a cable box or one other console, as an instance — on top of your console. 
  • Take into myth getting a riser or 3D-printing a bunch of feet to accept the console up off the bottom and present greater airflow. 
  • Grunt a can of compressed air regularly to blow grime and particles away, namely from fan vents. 

Pork up the laborious drive to SSD

Every mechanical laborious drive has a MTBF rating, for “mean time between screw ups.” And for these frail-college drives, the principle failure is also the closing. If a laborious drive has a spinning platter, just like the ones stumbled on in the Xbox One or PS4, it is ultimately going to die. Moreover, it is kinda unhurried when put next with more contemporary stable negate drives. (I know, I know: A circa-2013 5400 rpm drive can no longer compete with a contemporary SSD. Shimmering!) More moderen objects, even the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro, quiet ship with HDD drives, however the PS5 and Xbox Sequence X are lastly going beefy SSD. 

Fortunately, replacing or upgrading the storage is definitely some of the very most realistic and simplest ways to present your Xbox or PlayStation a decide. 

Here’s a step-by-step data for adding storage to the PS4, at the side of both internal and external storage suggestions, along with some inexpensive contemporary SSD drives

The Xbox One is barely a diminutive more durable to accept into, but also that you just would possibly perchance maybe maybe be think. This iFixit data is total and descriptions some additional tools you’re going to need, at the side of a spudger. 

Fortunately, both consoles now assist external drives, so it’ll be simpler to correct hook one up for additional (and faster) storage. No tools required. 

Change the optical drive 

I thought preserving optical drives in sport consoles used to be insane assist in 2013. Or no longer it is miles more insane now. Or no longer it is laborious to imagine one other traditional user electronics instrument that also comes with a DVD or Blu-ray drive. Laptops? Almost under no circumstances. Home entertainment setups? Nope. There’s already a digital-most productive version of the upcoming PS5, and Microsoft at this time presents a no-optical-drive Xbox One S. 

So many gamers use digital downloads now that that you just would possibly perchance no longer even gaze if your console’s optical drive is no longer working. Except you’ve got a have to-play sport on a bodily disc, I would no longer bother, as it is a more advanced job than replacing a storage drive: You shall be able to have to source a contemporary drive that is supported by the PS4 motherboard. Or in the case of the Xbox One, swap an internal circuit board from the frail optical drive to the contemporary one. 


Sarah Tew/CNET

Repair tool and OS complications 

When in doubt, reboot it. That’s the most universally current axiom of tech assist, and it is correct of sport consoles, too. Almost every freeze or tool topic I’ve had on a console used to be mounted by rebooting. Nonetheless, that is no longer continuously the case. 

The following step is under no circumstances a medicine-all, but correct because the correct system to freshen up a unhurried pc is to revive it to factory settings, the same can apply to a sport console. 

Since all your games are presumably in the cloud, as are your sport saves, all you rep to dangle after resetting is redownload any contemporary games you are enjoying. That would quiet certain a sort of frail junk off your console laborious drive as nicely. 

Xbox One

Whereas you happen to are having difficulty, first are trying a laborious restart, which is diversified than correct striking the machine to sleep and waking it up again (also identified as low-energy mode). You would possibly perchance maybe maybe dangle that by pressing and maintaining the energy button for 10 seconds. 

Head into the settings menu and navigate to All settings> Intention> Console Files> Reset Console. There’ll be an likelihood to preserve your games and apps attach in, which is in a bunch to correct reset the console’s firmware. The “reset and take dangle of away all the pieces” likelihood will dangle a beefy factory wipe and provide you that contemporary-out-of-the-box feeling. 


Identical instructions here. From the settings menu, navigate to PlayStation Network/Account Administration> Set off as Your Fundamental PS4> Commerce this likelihood to Deactivate if it is at this time appealing> Stride assist out to Settings> Initialization> Purchase either Restore Default Settings, which retains your sport installs and saves, or Initialize PS4, which is the beefy wipe. 

The above advice also works for have to you are selling or giving away your console and have to accept your private myth data off it. 

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