How to Clean Up Your Old Posts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

How to Clean Up Your Old Posts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

As social media platforms possess developed, they’ve develop into increasingly extra regarding the 2nd—what you are doing now, somewhat than what you were doing 5 years previously. While taking a scrutinize aid via shots and posts is inclined to be heart-warming and present a buzz of nostalgia, it is inclined to be painful and embarrassing.

In case your social media existence spans better than just a few years then you would possibly per chance per chance well not settle on company, family, or prospective employers taking a scrutinize aid on the form of individual that you just archaic to be. Right here we are going to conceal you the way you would possibly per chance per chance well maybe scrub your timelines on the three largest social platforms, the exercise of every constructed-in instruments and third-birthday party add-ons.

Sooner than you fetch began, produce not neglect you are going to want gotten the selection of backing up your posts first (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). We ought to still also remind you that you just use these third-birthday party instruments at your possess probability—take into account you are giving them entry to your whole social media historical past, and in all probability extra, so possess that in ideas earlier than connecting.


Facebook has now added a bulk delete tool to carry out it more straightforward to nice looking up your posts, shots, and feed. In the apps for Android and iOS, faucet your avatar (high left), then faucet the three dots and get Direct Log. From here pick Manage exercise and Your posts to behold every thing you are going to want got ever posted (you would possibly per chance per chance well settle on to make exercise of the Filters button to restrict what’s shown on-conceal).

Exhaust the tick boxes on the left to get the posts you are looking out to settle on to administer, then you are going to want got obtained two choices: Archive hides the posts from everyone else on Facebook excluding you, whereas Recycle bin deletes the posts but helps you to improve them for a duration of 30 days. To trash them earlier than these 30 days are up, faucet Recycle bin on the identical conceal, exercise the posts, and faucet the trash icon (or the Restore button to ship them aid).

On the rating, originate your profile then click Manage posts below the station update box. You can be ready to then search via your posts (filtering them if wished), and exercise these you are looking out to settle on to select—click Subsequent then Delete posts to verify. As a long way as we are able to declare this skips the recycle bin option, but this ought to still be added to the rating interface quickly.

Facebook retains deleted posts in a digital recycle bin for 30 days.Screenshot: David Nield via Facebook

Alternatively, any single submit for your profile is inclined to be deleted on cell or on the rating by tapping the three dots next to it and selecting Delete—all over again, whenever you pick posts this form you would possibly per chance per chance well not fetch the safety rating of the recycle bin, and the submit can be long gone forever without delay.

Be unsleeping that Facebook presents you additional control than Twitter and Instagram over who can peep your posts. Individual posts is inclined to be set to be viewed by factual your loved ones members, or factual a tiny crew of company, or factual you on my own. Faucet the three dots beside a submit then Edit viewers (net) or Edit privacy (cell) to configure this.

A diversity of third-birthday party sprint-ins will take grasp of on the job of clearing out your conventional Facebook posts too: About a the top choices we possess realized are a free Chrome extension called Social Book Put up Supervisor and a freemium privacy app called Jumbo (for Android and iOS), which will each scan via your posting historical past on Facebook and pick older posts.


Twitter has yet to roll out a bulk delete tool of its possess, but you would possibly per chance per chance well maybe pick your tweets one after the other via the first rate interface—whenever you are going to want got been a prolific tweeter, this would possibly per chance per chance well take grasp of you some time. From your Twitter profile on the rating, click the downward arrow next to any of your tweets, then get Delete. You prevail in fetch a affirmation dialog, but there is no manner to revive tweets as soon as they’re long gone.

While you happen to’re the exercise of the first rate app for Android or iOS, the course of is fine worthy the identical: Initiate up your profile, faucet the downward arrow next to a tweet, and get Delete Tweet (the a form of option on this menu items the submit because the pinned tweet for your profile, which is practically the different of weeding out it).

You possess got got obtained extra choices here in the case of third-birthday party instruments than you prevail in with Facebook, and all over again the freemium Jumbo for Android and iOS will prevail in the job. Connect it up to your Twitter legend, and then get Self-discipline up below the archive option. You can be ready to select tweets older than a day, per week, a month, or three months (Jumbo calls it “archiving” because it saves the tweets to your phone, but they’re eradicated from Twitter).

TweetDelete is an very honest appropriate online tool for bulk deleting tweets.Screenshot: David Nield via TweetDelete

The freemium TweetDelete on the rating is one other contemporary and simple-to-exercise option. Stride it into your Twitter legend, and to boot you would possibly per chance per chance well maybe get to delete tweets which would possibly per chance per chance well maybe be older than one week, two weeks, one month, two months, three months, six months, or a 365 days. You can be ready to also pick tweets containing obvious phrases, and possess the course of flee robotically every few days if wished.

From what we are able to declare, TweetDelete is factual regarding the most appropriate choice available, but there are choices. Tweet Deleter on the rating is one other polished freemium app that we possess stumble upon—it lets you settle out tweets from a list, and filter by date if wished, and it also has an auto-delete characteristic for cleansing up conventional tweets as you plod.

The a form of choices available produce not scrutinize reasonably as first rate or aren’t reasonably as updated because the three we possess mentioned. Whichever one you settle, take grasp of into legend that Twitter limitations point out you would possibly per chance per chance well maybe only pick 3,200 tweets at a time—to fetch spherical that restriction (to erase every thing correct now, as an example) you need to upload your whole Twitter archive to your chosen service, so only prevail on this with apps that you just completely believe.


Instagram has the selection of account posts, which only final 24 hours and are then robotically deleted, a belief it ripped off from the normal ephemeral platform, Snapchat. While you happen to present not are looking out to leave a social media path in the aid of, the exercise of tales on Instagram (or factual the exercise of Snapchat) is a legitimate advice. Facebook has no doubt copied this belief too, but we’re assuming you are extra inclined to make exercise of it on Instagram.

As for shots and movies that you just are going to want got posted to your Instagram feed for the total world to behold, you would possibly per chance per chance well maybe pick these by going to your profile, selecting the submit and then tapping on the three dots and Delete. For no subject cause here’s only available in the apps for Android and iOS in the purpose out time—it hasn’t made its manner to the rating interface.

Instagram lets you delete posts, but it’s most vital to work via them one after the other.Screenshot: David Nield via Instagram

You will also peep an Archive option on the identical menu, which hides the portray or video from your profile, so no person else can peep it but you. While you happen to are looking out to possess a explicit undergo be hidden from peep but still are looking out to scrutinize aid on it yourself, exercise this option as a substitute.

Third-birthday party choices for bulk deleting Instagram posts are fine worthy non-existent at this level: Instagram controls entry from outdoors add-ons very tightly, and since the delete characteristic just isn’t no doubt available on the rating, that also guidelines out any nice looking browser extensions that would possibly per chance per chance well maybe are looking out to reach the job. While you happen to are looking out to settle on to delete your older Instagram posts, you need to battle via the first rate channels.

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