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How powerful is VALORANT's Reyna? Here's what the pros think - BGKNews - Web Development & Technology News, tips-tricks & Hows-To's.
How powerful is VALORANT’s Reyna? Here’s what the pros think

How powerful is VALORANT’s Reyna? Here’s what the pros think

9: 50 AM ET

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“The hunt begins!” — Reyna

When these phrases ring out in some unspecified time in the future of the sector of VALORANT, the opposition knows the Empress is on her manner, having a look to enjoy them. The queen of dividing the enemy team up and conquering them alongside with her feast or famine equipment, there was some distance much less famine since Reyna was released on June 2 to celebrate the game’s reliable initiate worldwide. Since then, Reyna has change into of doubtlessly the most-picked agents in the game, her execute-or-bust playstyle offering gamers able to piloting her with leaderboard-topping frags whereas these completely aiming on the ground wondering what use the Mexican vampire has in the game.

Whereas she’s ruled unrated play and switch out to be a must-capture for the casual viewers looking to carry, the pros are no longer overlooking her either. In doubtlessly the most-recent Twitch Opponents North The United States where T1’s starting-5 took home the championship, Reyna was picked over 30 cases, the third-most on your total tournament. The winning team furthermore feeble her in some unspecified time in the future of the tournament, with Victor “Food” Wong going 4-1 on the agent in some unspecified time in the future of the tournament.

Overpowered? Simplest upsetting in casual video games and/or in opposition to weaker gamers? ESPN reached out to the pros and streamers of VALORANT to salvage their unfiltered takes on the soul-stealing agent.

Victor “Food” Wong, T1

I in actuality feel like she has to opt particular particular person duels bigger than any varied agent to salvage doubtlessly the most designate out of her and she or he depends on winning these duels. Her Watch is seemingly the ideally suited “flash potential” in the game and her invulnerability after a execute makes her extremely no longer easy to interchange, which encourages an especially unhealthy vogue.

James “Kryptix” Affleck, Fish123

I reliable judge on the total she’s so overpowered if feeble appropriately. [Her] quick entries with flash is unbelievable [and] then if she gets a execute she can heal to stout plus armor. I judge she 100% wants a nerf. I develop no longer know what else to in actuality issue about her, I’m reliable ill of her flash, haha.

Corey “Corey” Nigra

My affect reliable now would possibly perhaps presumably presumably be that she is a noob punisher. She’s moderately factual in solo queue on account of her earn self-retain and flash, but when build in opposition to smarter gamers namely in a team setting, Reyna tends to private some say finding designate.

Yassine “Subroza” Taoufik, TSM

In my build a question to, Reyna’s abilities can also be improved as some are invent of damaged in some scenarios. Her ult is unreal and affords her manner too immense of an income for a LONG time and her flashes are in actuality no longer easy to murder on pistol rounds. I judge flashes must be 2 bullets to murder and the ult timer must be manner lower!

Oscar “mixwell” Cañellas Colocho

Reyna is the ideally suited duelist in the game, adopted by Shatter.

Michael “dapr” Gulino, Sentinels

She’s reliable too solid, her flash wants to blind teammates to even it out and one thing has to be executed about her invulnerability potential. Or no longer it’s too easy to opt risks with an [Operator] or rifle and private the security to salvage out with that.

Yannick “KOLER” Blanchette, Immortals

I judge Reyna for the time being is an S-tier agent. What makes Reyna overpowered is the true fact she can opt soul orbs from to this point away. I judge reducing the vary of soul orb is incessantly a pleasing repair. Or no longer it’s overpowering how some distance you will be in a topic to snatch them for the time being. Flash in my thought must salvage a itsy-bitsy nerf but it with out a doubt’s no longer that overpowered as everyone says in my thought.

Hannah “bnans” Kennedy

Reyna’s a factual agent, but her handiest accurate supportive potential is her sight. She’s very momentum-based as she feeds off of one execute with hopes to chain it into extra. Her abilities are tremendous outlandish which makes her relaxing to play, but she’s easiest suited for the team fragger.

Stephen “reltuC” Cutler, TSM

Reyna is factual when paired with one other flash form agent. As an alternative of that I judge she’s invent of underwhelming and varied flashing agents are reliable higher. I judge it’d be higher when she ults and kills any individual then uses the invisible potential that she does no longer invent a sound queue when she’s out of it for final playmaking potential, but presumably that will invent her too overpowered?

Keven “PLAYER1” Champagne, Gen.G

She’s a pubstomper, her abilities invent her excel to carry in opposition to lower potential gamers. As for aggressive, she’s factual, she can salvage a capture and retreat safely alongside with her potential. She’s too factual in pistols on account of her flash being more durable to murder with pistols and furthermore the overheal is insane in pistol. She’s to take into accounta good duelist, in a one-on-one wrestle, it’s in actuality no longer easy to snatch it if you’re out in the initiate and even hiding because she can scale alongside with her flash.

Joseph “Bjor” Bjorklund, IMT

Reyna in the hands of a unbelievable aimer is nuts. She’s extremely solid on pistol, if she gets a execute then overheals to 150 she’s on the total a raid boss. Her potential to play one and executed on defense and reposition completely free alongside with her E is extremely important.

Zachary “ZachaREEE” Lombardo

I judge Reyna is moderately solid. She has with out a doubt one of many strongest flashbangs in the game. Or no longer it’s no longer easy to tackle until you reliable veil from it or private one particular person shooting it whereas one other is combating her. The heal and invulnerability are furthermore factual but are moderately balanced because it’s possible you’ll presumably private to salvage a execute sooner than utilizing them.

Her self heal is like tremendous factual, namely on pistol rounds because you will be in a topic to salvage to 150 hp. Reyna’s ult is insane if she gets a execute. The invis from her orb lets her snowball rounds in actuality neatly, she can chain kills and snatch one-on-ones in actuality simply with it.

Anthony “gMd” Guimond, Gen.G

I judge Reyna is moderately factual, she’s moderately bit worse in scrims/[pro] fits but I judge she’s a cramped overpowered on pistol (takes too a lot bullets). Overall, I judge she’s moderately balanced!

Madison “Maddiesuun” Mann, Gen. G

I judge she’s a factual agent. I love that she wants to be fragging out to use most of her abilities. There would possibly perhaps presumably presumably be some tuning to her abilities. I judge that her sight flash ingredient must opt two bullets as a replacement of three to interrupt to present time to react. Presumably her blinding would possibly perhaps presumably presumably furthermore be much less efficient relying on the space of the sight. I love playing her because I in actuality feel extra assured to opt gunfights.

Hayden “Elevate” Krueger, 100 Thieves

I judge Reyna is completely factual, namely on [the defenders] aspect. The total hope of Reyna is to derive as many one-on-ones as that you are going to be in a topic to specialise in and benefit early. If a Reyna can enact that efficiently she can in actuality throw off [the offense side’s] plans and what they want to enact in a match

Son “xeta” Seon-ho

This Reyna agent wants to be extra aggressive to employ her potential like gaining neatly being or stealth. That’s [how] I judge she’s supposed to be performed, from my point of build a question to, because her [abilities] are no longer in actuality precious until [she] gets some kills. The participant utilizing her wants to private loads of self assurance, I judge.

Adam “ec1s” Eccles, Fish123

I judge Reyna is incessantly a extremely solid agent to use in VALORANT reliable on her flash alone, but I in actuality feel like we private no longer viewed the ideally suited of her yet. In my build a question to, she would possibly perhaps presumably presumably be the handiest in keep rounds comparable to executes or keep defensive pushes. I judge her invulnerable potential will be feeble bigger than the healing in some unspecified time in the future because it has manner extra attainable by offering free data, and mixed alongside with her final that makes her fully invisible is ridiculously overpowered (I didn’t even know she was stout invisible till mid-spherical Twitch Opponents superb and I believed Mixwell noclipped to a special topic.)

James “hazed” Cobb, TSM

Reyna’s a tight character total. She’s incredibly extremely efficient in pugs, but reliable mediocre in a team setting. She has the flexibility to opt over the spherical by snowballing from the main execute however the topic is in opposition to factual gamers, they would possibly perhaps presumably no longer give that up so simply. Her flash is advanced to tackle when mixed with varied abilities so gamers must strive to coordinate abilities in conjunction with it.

Taylor “drone” Johnson, TSM

I judge her abilities are catered to a inform invent of playstyle that requires quick resolution making and excessive fragging, and I judge her flash is easiest feeble alongside with varied characters to be doubtlessly the most impactful. I develop no longer judge she’s damaged as she is, and I positively specialise in she’s viable in a aggressive atmosphere if utilized appropriately.

Amgalan “Genghsta” Nemekhbayar

Reyna is balanced, she’s a recent agent so other folks develop no longer know easy systems to play in opposition to her yet. My preliminary suggestions were “wow she’s kinda busted,” but all her abilities are in actuality easy to counter. I judge she’s going to be A or B-tier once other folks know her abilities.

Austin “AustinIRL” Neff

So some distance I judge she’s a factual addition because her equipment enables her to be extra of that flex capture moderately than a straight away replacement for Narrative. Her flashes are moderately nuts and it provides one other level of depth in gameplay fascinated with it’s higher to shoot them than look away which is one other behavior to capture up for muscle reminiscence. The most convenient ingredient alongside with her equipment I’m moderately bit questionable about is the overheal.

Or no longer it’s loopy to me that any individual can salvage a execute as her on pistol spherical and be at 150 neatly being for X length of time, or till they die. I furthermore judge the vary of being in a topic to set off the orbs as her is moderately loopy, alongside how briskly her overheal is. I’m mad to specialise in where she fits into aggressive, in scrims loads of different folks were testing the waters so this will seemingly be frosty to specialise in what other folks give you!