Here’s the latest look at Android 11’s new and revised emoji

Here’s the latest look at Android 11’s new and revised emoji

Even sooner than the Android 11 Developer Preview, Google this 300 and sixty five days introduced that the upcoming OS would introduce 62 fresh characters, apart from 55 pores and skin tone and gender variants. The fresh emoji are no longer yet usable in Android 11 Beta 1, nonetheless a glimpse at extra-last designs absorb been shared with us at the present time.

The Unicode Consortium detailed the fresh Emoji 13.0 additions in January to present platform vendors the time to plan their very absorb variations and put into effect. Google for this edition proposed and acquired adopted gender variants for “person in veil,” “person in tuxedo,” and “person feeding minute one with a bottle.” In the meantime, it partnered with Microsoft on a transgender flag.

Beta 1 (and the earlier developer previews) attain feature about a of the fresh emoji, nonetheless those are likely no longer the last make. While they’re no longer yet accessible from Gboard, you have to well be in a location to preview by copying from Emojipedia and pasting correct into a text field.

We had been equipped with updated designs for the 117 fresh Android 11 emoji at the present time, and you have to well be in a location to preview them under. There are some adjustments to the fresh characters, whereas Google has additionally tweaked existing characters. To illustrate, there is a large revamp for animal emoji, with particular ones returning to the “blob”-era style.

That said, with two extra betas deliberate, Google could well perchance change the emoji designs again sooner than the user start.

Android 10

Android 10

Android 11

Android 11

Under “Smileys & Emotion,” we have got got “smiling face with poke” and “disguised face,” whereas “Folks & Physique” place:

pinched fingers, anatomical coronary heart, lungs, ninja, person in tuxedo, person with veil, lady feeding minute one, man feeding minute one, person feeding minute one, mx claus, folks hugging

Animals & Nature” sees the addition of:

black cat, bison, immense, beaver, polar undergo, dodo, feather, seal, beetle, cockroach, flit, worm, potted plant

The ever-glossy “Food & Drink” category brings a total lot of tasty emoji:

blueberries, olive, bell pepper, flatbread, tamale, fondue, teapot, bubble tea

Trudge & Locations:

rock, wood, hut, pickup truck, roller skate


magic wand, piñata, nesting dolls, stitching needle, knot


thong sandal, protection power helmet, accordion, long drum, coin, boomerang, carpentry saw, screwdriver, hook, ladder, elevator, replicate, window, plunger, mouse entice, bucket, toothbrush, gravestone, placard

There’s additionally the transgender symbol and transgender flag:

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