Here’s How A CVT Transmission Works, Using Only Legos

Here’s How A CVT Transmission Works, Using Only Legos

When toys obtain overly complicated.

Insist about when Legos veteran to be fairly mighty a blank canvass than any kid with an imagination may possibly presumably well presumably additionally hotfoot loopy with? I point out, it used to be all about making things from assorted pieces, and the fun used to be in organising anything else that it’s doubtless you’ll presumably well presumably presumably additionally think. Being such an colossal toy company, Lego has repeatedly been expanding its lineup of merchandise, ranging from chunky-blown movie tie-u.s.a.and even licensed autos. The Technic line has repeatedly been the more complicated yet utterly fulfilling sets to attain, and with things cherish lights, transmissions, and even electricity, these high-tier Lego “toys” are removed from their humble beginnings. But boy manufacture they satisfy the interior gearhead on occasion. 

As with anything else on YouTube, if it’s doubtless you’ll presumably well presumably presumably additionally think it, there will seemingly be a channel for it, and Sariel’s Lego Workshop focuses on some very tidy stuff. In this video, he takes us by a repeatedly variable transmission (CVT), all entirely constructed out of lego pieces and a vitality supply. Or now now not it’s extremely akin to what we maintain got in as a lot as the moment autos, and the pulley system with the shafts and the belt are done in their private Lego manner. The ratios are simulated by the belt that interacts with the cones that bound parallel nonetheless are oriented opposite of each assorted. There are no mounted ratios, or now now not it’s take hold of-much less, and all you obtain is most or minimal, and all or now now not it’s a need to to manufacture is transfer the mechanism forward or encourage to velocity up or slack down. 

Now it’s now now not ideal, and as Sariel aspects out within the video, Lego’s CVT system is efficacious at low loads and low resistance. The belt travels along the cones so easily that the band tends to trip out of “gear” when encountering a downside or incline.

Sariel additionally mentions that this may possibly occasionally now now not happen if Lego made some rubber cones for increased friction to withhold the belt in space, or perchance even a step extra by organising toothed cones and belts. After all, or now now not it’s restful very fulfilling to leer.