Guy Whose Photo Broke Android Phones Just Wanted to Capture a Beautiful Sunset

Guy Whose Photo Broke Android Phones Just Wanted to Capture a Beautiful Sunset

Here is a cropped version of Agrawal’s photo, which is quite stunning. Don’t worry about it breaking your phone though, we’ve edited the photo to prevent any issues with its color space.

Here is a cropped model of Agrawal’s report, which in all equity incandescent. Don’t anxiety about it breaking your phone although, we’ve edited the report to pause any factors with its colour location.
Characterize: Gaurav Agrawal (Flickr)

At some level of a outing to Glacier National Park in Montana closing 365 days, scientist and newbie photographer Gaurav Agrawal merely wished to take a honest trying sundown. Sadly, after sharing his pic on Flickr, of us found that Agrawal’s shapely work used to be crashing definite Android 10 phones.

Unbeknownst to Agrawal, although his gorgeous report looked factual gorgeous on his computer and on the to find, when bettering the report in Lightroom, he exported the pic the spend of an additional-extensive HDR colour location. In total, this wouldn’t be an infinite reveal. Nonetheless, on fable of Android 10’s constructed-in colour rendering engine couldn’t effectively level to the report’s bigger colour location, surroundings Agrawal’s report as a wallpaper on some Android phones (primarily Google Pixels and Samsung phones) would possibly maybe maybe well motive the phone besides loop and most often restart till a manufacturing unit data reset is performed.

In a most up-to-date interview with the BBC, Agrawal, whose work has looked in National Geographic, acknowledged he had no thought the exporting structure would motive this grand havoc, “I hoped my photography would have gone ‘viral’ for a honest motive, but maybe that’s for one other time.”

“I have an iPhone, and my wallpaper is continuously a report of my wife,” he told the outlet, so it’s never been a reveal for him.

As the report spread around the interwebs, even extensive names savor Ice Universe started issuing warnings to of us who can also have stumbled onto Agrawal’s admittedly incandescent report. Though interestingly, when Ice Universe uploaded the report to Weibo (but no longer Twitter), the pic’s colour profile used to be altered ample so as that it now no longer supplied any factors.

Meanwhile, many older Android devices and some Android phones savor those from Nokia weren’t affected, as most Nokia phones attain no longer spend the default Google colour rendering engine. Both draw, unless you are prepared to attain a manufacturing unit reset in your phone, we would possibly maybe maybe well strongly present in opposition to downloading the report and surroundings it as your wallpaper.

In the time since the trojan horse began to spread, Android builders have identified the reveal and submitted patches to the Android Initiating Source Mission to again pause the trojan horse from causing complications one day. Moreover, users working the Android 11 Beta (which ought to unexcited change into officially accessible later this 365 days) narrate their devices are also immune attributable to a transformation in the system Android 11 converts photos which have unsupported colour areas. But while you occur to want even more detail on how this trojan horse in actuality works, you ought to unexcited take a look at out XDA Developer’s in-depth prognosis here. 

For Agrawal, who had been visiting Glacier National Park for the third time, it’s a minute bit sad that such a rare shot brought with it some serious unintended aspect effects, in particular since earlier than shooting the report, Agrawal used to be about to present up for the day.

“It used to be melancholy and cloudy, and we thought there wasn’t going to be a large sundown. We were about to head away when things started to change.” As for future shots, Agrawal acknowledged “I’m going to make spend of one other structure to any extent additional.”