Google Play Music vs. YouTube Music: Everything you need to know

Google Play Music vs. YouTube Music: Everything you need to know

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As YouTube Song’s migration instrument continues to roll out, many Play Song subscribers are seemingly asking themselves if or no longer it’s within the wreck time to ideal quit on preserving out and switch to Google’s mute track streaming service. However as Play Song will die by the tip of 2020, it would perchance well additionally be ideal as ideal-attempting a time to determine on out your track sequence to a non-public cloud (or offline entirely) and switch to something devour Spotify or Tidal as your paid streaming resolution. Possible, a range of you is in all chance questioning if making the switch to YouTube track is surely value it at all, and how it compares to the soon-to-die Play Song in key systems. We are going to dive into the adaptations between them, sizable and little, and why they topic.


Right here’s a straightforward point since YouTube Song, Play Song, and YouTube are intertwined. While you pay $12 for YouTube Top price, you’ll accumulate advert-free entry to all three products and providers, whereas you accumulate both Play Song and YouTube Song for $10 a month. While you make spend of Google’s migration instrument, your mute idea will almost definitely be moved over to the mute platform and likewise you’ll now stay unsleeping paying ideal as great as you had sooner than — in actual fact, only the name adjustments.

YouTube Song manages to brand with its free tier. You might scuttle the relaxation you devour as lengthy as you are taking your mask modified into on and the app within the foreground. On a laptop computer or desktop, it’s likely you’ll well presumably even enjoy songs with the online online page within the background. The free tier is advert-supported, so in case you are facing YouTube, you know what’s coming at you. Google Play Song’s free model, on the quite a lot of hand, only capacity that you can play mixes in line with artists and songs on Google Dwelling, limiting you to a random quite a lot of of songs. Every platforms will permit you to upload and listen to to recordsdata without commercials and within the background. Songs that you must got bought on the Play Store will almost definitely be migrated to YouTube Song during the switching instrument.

Library migration

Google’s mute migration instrument is presently rolling out extra broadly. It capacity that you can cross your total library — likes, ideas, uploads, albums, and additional — from Play Song to YouTube Song. Once the characteristic is on hand to you, you’ll look a banner in your Play Song and YouTube Song app telling you as great — or no longer it’s rolling out on a put-primarily based completely time desk. Your ideas are imported instantaneously so it’s likely you’ll well presumably commence paying attention to your track straight. Your uploads and the relaxation of your library are moved within the background whereas it’s likely you’ll well presumably already give YTM a strive. You are going to accumulate a notification and an electronic mail as soon as the project is executed, which would perchance make a choice as a lot as about a days relying on the amount of recordsdata that you must got mute. Needless to claim, it’s likely you’ll well presumably additionally accumulate to commence all all over again in case that you must got accumulated too great stuff you originate no longer hear to anymore.

Left: Transfer suggested. Correct: Misplaced artworks and duplicate albums put up-migration.

Unfortunately, I haven’t moderately observed a difference in my YouTube Song ideas and mixes following the migration. That would perchance well be because I’ve been the usage of the mute service for moderately a whereas sooner than kicking off the library reproduction instrument, nonetheless in case you are in my hiss, that is something it’s likely you’ll well mute soak up mind. I’ve additionally misplaced about a album artworks within the project and discovered some duplicate albums in my uploaded track, nonetheless the latter had been a hiss lengthy sooner than the migration, so I originate no longer issue the instrument is the only real offender here.

I’ve additionally observed that about a albums don’t seem like on hand for streaming on YouTube Song, devour most of German punk band Kraftklub’s library, which it’s likely you’ll well hear to on Google Play Song ideal ideal-attempting. It be a odd hiss, nonetheless since YouTube is technically a subsidiary, its licensing deals differ from its father or mother firm. There’s about a random contaminated knowledge, too — as an instance, YouTube Song says Oomph’s 1999 album Plastik became released final 365 days for some cause. These instances are uncommon, though, and loads of the transition became surely comfy for me.

I additionally haven’t discovered an choice to edit metadata in YouTube Song yet. While that you must got got a mistitled track, you will almost definitely hang to re-upload it with the appropriate metadata, which is no longer as a lot as convenient. Hopefully, Google provides this efficiency sooner than it shuts down GPM altogether.

Take a look at out our detailed manual on the correct solution to switch your library.

User interface and journey

YouTube Song’s library is structured extra hierarchically.

I great protect YouTube Song’s classic interface over Play Song’s, nonetheless that would ideal be because Play Song is hopelessly old-normal. YT Song’s bottom navigation makes it more straightforward to swiftly leap to my library whereas I even hang to originate the hamburger menu to attain the identical in GPM. As a change of that, you largely ideal hang to regulate to the navigation machine — the 2 apps in overall share the identical tips. Every provide you with a homescreen with ideas, entry to final played albums and playlists, charts, genres, and moods.

Now Playing. Some parts are hidden on the back of a faucet on the album duvet in YTM.

YouTube Song’s Now Playing journey is great improved when put next with its predecessor. On the mute side, it capacity that you can look the beefy album duvet, whereas Play Song cuts off the perimeters. YT Song’s queue reveals you fewer songs, nonetheless the list is much less advanced to entry through a swipe-up. It be ideal a bummer you cannot swipe left and appropriate to skip backwards and forwards in YTM. The native integration of lyrics almost makes up for that, though, which is on hand for a range of songs. There’s additionally a toggle so it’s likely you’ll well presumably seamlessly switch to the track video model of a song if it has one, which I’ve surely started to devour plenty (even when I mute disagree on mixing YouTube and YouTube Song libraries — extra on that later).

Up next.

There are some assorted quirks, too. Google Play Song has a scrollbar that it’s likely you’ll well presumably hotfoot so it would now not make a choice ages to wade through your total songs, which is no longer on hand on YouTube Song. You additionally can’t devour songs must you are offline within the YouTube Song app, which drives me loopy. Furthermore, some parts are hidden on the back of lengthy-press menus, which it’s good to figure out first. Strive tapping the album duvet or lengthy-pressing a title wherever within the app, as an instance. Batch-selecting recordsdata is one more lacking share, both within the Android application and its web pendant.

Stout song overview in both products and providers. Expose the scrollbar in Play Song.

Recommendations and mixes

Recommendations and mixes are a moderately non-public part — some folks protect Spotify’s Scrutinize playlists that provide you with a playlist of songs you would perchance perchance devour. YouTube Song is great extra aggressive in narrowing your taste down to a obvious artists and genres as soon because it notices you devour them, evident from habitual ideas you are taking getting on the home page. Google Play Song is a linked in this regard and keeps recommending the identical track (excluding for the “suggested mute releases” radio, nonetheless that also includes artists that I hear to anyway).

Recommendations and mixes.

YouTube Song is bettering, though. Google added computerized playlists reminiscent of Scrutinize and Contemporary Starting up Combine, which helped me net some mute stuff. I surely enjoy that YouTube Song is popping into extra devour Spotify in that regard.

Following the introduction of the migration instrument, Google shared that Play Song stations will almost definitely be transformed into playlists when imported. That is because YouTube Song does away with the concept that of stations altogether — it provides curated and machine-generated playlists as a change. The direct material is the identical all through some Play Song stations and YouTube Song playlists, though the advantage with YTM’s playlists is that it’s likely you’ll well presumably constantly look which songs exactly you’ll net in there. GPM stations are extra of a grab catch.

The Detect tab.

YouTube Song has additionally within the wreck performed away with the needless Hotlist tab that confirmed you a sequence of long-established track movies. It be been modified with an Detect share that reveals you a quite a lot of of mute albums and singles tailored to your taste, temper playlists, genres, and a range of lately released track movies.


Google Play Song’s search feature is mute superior to YouTube Song’s methodology. You might commence playing songs appropriate from the search outcomes, whereas it’s good to faucet suggestions on YTM sooner than to listen to to them. I additionally feel devour GPM’s search is generally extra on point for me — YTM tends to recommend mixes and remixes, which I often ever ever hear to.

Google Play Song additionally has a handy feature that identifies songs you hear to appropriate from the search interface, making it easy to add songs you hear in case you are out and about to your playlists. At the least Google is engaged on integrating YouTube Song with Google Search, so it’s likely you’ll well presumably spend Google Assistant’s track recognition as a workaround.


Every products and providers wait on importing your maintain track, nonetheless it in actual fact’s unbelievable how otherwise they sort out the problem. We hang explored the topic broadly in one more article, so I jog to claim this great here: Play Song makes your uploaded recordsdata almost indistinguishable from direct material on hand on the platform whereas YouTube Song puts your uploads into their maintain share that is basically sealed off from the streaming service share of the platform. I protect Google Play Song’s methodology — it makes it great more straightforward to net track without stopping and questioning in case that you must got uploaded that song or if or no longer it’s on hand for streaming.

As far as I will allege from checking out, uploaded track in overall would now not automatically appear in any of my mixes or the offline mixtape, though or no longer it’s likely I ideal haven’t listened to ample uploaded songs for them to allege up there.

One extra library gripe pertaining to uploads has been identified by one among our commenters: While you peep for an artist in your uploads and faucet them, you will almost definitely be thrown correct into a listing of all their songs that you must got uploaded. There’s no devoted artist page with a straightforward overview of their albums.


YouTube Song nails downloads, personally. While it’s good to actively accumulate what you devour to hang to download on Google Play Song (reminiscent of your cherished songs or some albums), YouTube Song can make a choice that burden off your shoulders. You might activate neat downloads, specify how many songs you automatically hang to net in your cellular phone, and YouTube Song will provide you with a quite a lot of. The computerized resolution updates your songs every evening, so it’s likely you’ll well presumably hear to something mute every often. You might manually protect end what to download in case you protect that.

Needless to claim, Google giveth and Google taketh. Google Play Song automatically caches songs you play must you are online, which additionally provides you a range of track to listen to to. That would now not seem like the case for YouTube Song. At the least cached songs would perchance perchance no longer appear amongst my downloads. Play Song is additionally extra forgiving with spotty connections, because it buffers songs up next in your queue. YouTube Song will ideal straight up terminate playing online track as soon as you lose connection.

YouTube Song additionally retains Play Song’s pesky ten-tool limit that only permits for four deactivations every 365 days, though or no longer it’s miles a diminutive bit much less draconian than Play Song: You simply lose downloads on non-activated gadgets. That is mute stressful ample, and  now we hang an total editorial on that hiss.

Tidy speaker integration and casting

Play Song is mute superior through neat audio system made by Google. The service capacity that you can play uploaded track through hiss on Google Dwelling audio system, nonetheless YouTube Song would perchance perchance no longer attain that — no longer no longer as a lot because it would perchance well play the YouTube video model of a song if on hand. Casting additionally is no longer an choice within the YTM web app, and there might be some odd habits within the Android pendant: While you solid, you lose droop and repeat.

Where’d droop and repeat jog after I started casting?

I originate no longer maintain a Sonos speaker, nonetheless I’ve heard that assorted folks bitch in regards to the dearth of appropriate integration with YouTube Song. You’ve to make spend of the Sonos app to solid direct material from the streaming service. Google Play Song, on the quite a lot of hand, natively integrates with the third-celebration machine and capacity that you can solid to the audio system appropriate from the app.

Web app

I spend a third-celebration wrapper application to create both products and providers feel as native as likely on my Mac, and or no longer it’s additionally on hand on Dwelling windows — Google Play Song Desktop Player. It capacity that you can interchange between the 2 platforms, and even supposing YouTube Song wait on is solely in beta appropriate now, it surely works without hiccups for me. You might ideal spend the net apps in your browser or make a devoted windowed journey by clicking Chrome’s three-dot menu, More tools, and Create shortcut (tick originate in mute window). Unlike the desktop app I spend and relying in your computer, it’s likely you’ll well no longer accumulate beefy media button and notification wait on that contrivance, though.

That acknowledged, YouTube Song’s web app is no longer on par with the service’s cellular app, no longer to claim with Play Song’s online page. It must always’t solid track to your audio system, artists don’t seem like displayed next to songs in compilations, and there might be no play count to be seen wherever. The net app additionally would now not hang entry to the mute Detect tab yet, showing you the needless Hotlist of frail as a change. Google surely has to enhance the online online page sooner than it kills Play Song altogether.

There’s additionally no devoted upload app for desktop OSes. Play Song aged to hang a instrument that automatically uploads track you add to specified folders of your computer.

YouTube integration

While it’s likely you’ll well presumably entry some track movies through Google Play Song, YouTube and YouTube Song are contrivance too intertwined for my taste. Your YouTube Song likes allege up amongst YouTube video likes, your playlists are shared between the 2 platforms, and, most annoyingly, must you subscribe to artists on YouTube Song, you additionally subscribe to their YouTube channel. These items accumulate even messier must you subscribe to channels pondering track: I originate no longer desire OK Race to allege up in my track streaming service, nonetheless I attain enjoy observing the team’s movies.

I’ve additionally observed that one of the most songs I play through YouTube Song allege up in my YouTube historical previous. Strangely, that is no longer the case for every title, and a few folks document that their histories don’t seem like intertwined at all to any extent additional, so per chance Google is engaged on pulling apart the 2 products and providers rather extra, and I’m stuck within the heart ground.

YouTube playlists that encompass track movies will additionally populate your YouTube Song library. A take a look at list I’ve created on YouTube consisting of 1 track video and an Android Police video reveals up in YT Song, too. While you try to play the latter during the track service, an unhelpful toast appears to be like: “Song is unavailable.”

Left: YouTube Song playlist in YouTube. Heart: Most long-established songs and movies in a single list. Correct: YouTube Channel I subscribe to confirmed in YouTube Song.

YouTube Song additionally introduces one among the extra stressful YouTube parts to track streaming: You are restricted to a most of 5,000 titles per playlist. Most long-established songs are organized internal a playlist, so it’s likely you’ll well no longer be ready to look the earliest songs in it since they’ll be pushed off the tip of the list. YouTube video likes additionally count towards that limit, so it’s likely you’ll well reach it even quicker than you’d issue.

Google Play Song’s library management is no longer essentially absolute top, nonetheless no longer no longer as a lot as or no longer it’s no longer integrated with a video streaming service.

While I became busy exploring YouTube Song from my standpoint as a Play Song subscriber, my colleague Hagop Kavafian switched from Spotify to YouTube Song. He went for YouTube Top price and writes that whereas he has some gripes with the streaming service, it perchance mute fits many folk’s desires, and that it would perchance well set you moderately some cash and time spent on YouTube commercials in case you search a range of films. Within the tip, it comes down to a question of non-public preference for him.

Unfortunately, the equation is no longer that easy here because YouTube Song is slated to interchange Play Song sooner somewhat than later. It be considerable to accept YouTube Song’s quirks in case you now spend and esteem Play Song, or it’s good to interchange to one more platform altogether. I for my half mute can’t stand the shared playlists and likes all through YouTube and YouTube Song, so let’s hope Google continues bettering the service sooner than it retires Play Song.

Since every person values assorted strengths and weaknesses, I will almost definitely be lacking some assorted dealbreakers. The truth is feel free to share the contrivance in which you is in all chance feeling in regards to the YouTube Song/Play Song hiss within the comments in case you are caught between these two worlds, too.

We hang significantly updated this text following the introduction of the Play Song migration instrument and as a lot as the moment adjustments to YouTube Song, devour a mute Now Playing journey and the introduction of the Detect tab, replacing the Hotlist of frail. There’s additionally a mute share evaluating the net app journey.

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