Ghost of Tsushima will be getting another small update at launch in addition to the previously announced day-one patch.

The last triple-A PS4-exclusive title from Sony’s first-party developers is about to arrive in over a week, and Sucker Punch is doing its best to deliver it as polished as possible. According to the latest report from reviewers who are playing the game, Ghost of Tsushima has recently received another update which increases its day-one patch file size to nearly 8 GB.

As the source reveals, the new update’s file size is barley 500 MB, which means players who are going to play the game at launch, will have to download 7.9 GB additionally. If you are planning for buying the digital version of Ghost of Tsushima, you’d better prepare at least 50 GB of free space on your console.

Ghost of Tsushima originally revealed during the Paris Game Week event in 2017 as Sucker Punch’s next project after Infamous: Second Son. After less than three years, the game has gone gold a few weeks ago, and Sony sent out the review codes for different outlets all over the world to make sure they will be able to deliver review scores on July 14th.

Following the story of Japan’s occupation by Mongolians, in Ghost of Tsushima, you will be playing as Jin, a well-trained Samurai who has been taught to fight with honor. But when he realizes that he can’t defeat the enemy with the traditional way of fighting, he prefers to be the Ghost of Tsushima, hunting down the Mongolians one after another and taking back his homeland from the invaders.

In the case of gameplay, Ghost of Tsushima allows you to switch between Samurai and Ghost combat styles whenever you want. If you prefer to be a Samurai, you will be wearing heavy armors which lowers your movement speed but delivers you breathtaking 1v1 battles. On the other hand, fighting as a Ghost grants you a lot of different weapons to take down the enemies without close engagements.

Ghost of Tsushima will be available on July 17 exclusively for PS4.