‘Fall Guys’ Servers Are Just Not Prepared For The Game’s Unexpectedly Massive Success

‘Fall Guys’ Servers Are Just Not Prepared For The Game’s Unexpectedly Massive Success

Fall Guys

Fall Guys


The saga of Fall Guys has been great, yet also terrible over the course of this past week. The game has gone live on PC and PS4, and now that the floodgates have opened there is…constant flooding, which is causing massive server issues left and right.

Everyone wants to play Fall Guys. It’s one of the most popular games on Twitch, when it’s working, and it made it into the top 5 Steam games of the weekend, despite a ton of server downtime.

The problem is that Fall Guys, understandably, completely underestimated its own potential success. This is absolutely the most popular game developer Mediatonic has ever made (previously responsible for things like the Gear Pop! game or the Hatoful Boyfriend remake), and it’s probably the most popular for publisher Devolver Digital as well, at least if we’re talking about concurrent players. In short, neither was expecting the sheer amount of volume the game is experiencing.

Fall Guys is bracing the blows with one of the most wholesome brand social media accounts I’ve ever seen, and the main account has been tweeting non-stop sad apologies about the server issues like it’s one of the game’s actual cute characters delivering you the bad news.

There’s also a separate account called the Fall Guys Server Owl which does nothing but tweet about server updates, which was apparently formed because of so many inquiries about the state of the game. It’s racked up 123,000 followers in just over four days.

The last update? Fall Guys says that it has been secretly switching the servers back on without announcing it to try to help alleviate problems, but even when they try to be sneaky and do that, hundreds of thousands of people manage to hop on anyway. Now the game is going down again as we speak for more maintenance this morning.

Obviously, to a certain extent it’s absolutely great news that so many people want to play your game that it’s crushing your servers. And yet there may be a line where if the game struggles too hard for too long, that players who otherwise may have stayed addicted walk away because it’s too frustrating. But in general, an overload of interest is what we call one of those “good problems.”

The long and short of it that this is a small team with infrastructure in place that was never meant to support Fortnite-levels of interest, and they’re doing their best. No good can come of yelling at them online, as much as you may want to be playing the game at any given moment. It will be resolved eventually, but given the situation, it may be a while. Stay tuned for further updates from the hooting server owl.

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