Desert Golfing’s Sequel Is Out Now!

Desert Golfing’s Sequel Is Out Now!

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Here is basically the most nice of surprises: a fleshy-blooded sequel to cell time-annihilator Desolate tract Golf, thought to be one of many finest cell games ever made, has been quietly launched on each iOS and Android over the weekend.

It’s no longer Desolate tract Golf 2 despite the indisputable truth that, because if truth be told, for a game that felt prefer it literally never ended, we don’t need from now on deserts. What we’re getting as a substitute is one other planet, since the game is named Golf on Mars:

I like that there is decent background to this premise:

For hundreds of years, philosophers and mathematicians have gazed up at the evening sky and puzzled:

“Is there Golf On Mars?”

The one year is 2866. Mars is 35% terraformed, lastly adequate to enable the taking half in of the game of.. Golf!

Golf across an endlessrocky Martian floor. Gaze golfing obstacles that create us Earthlings gasp in apprehension!


*Infinity is awfully now potentially to no longer portray on any non-quantum computer. If truth be told there are roughly 25,770,000,000 golf holes on this game.

It’s obtainable now on iOS and Android.