Crysis Remastered Coming to Nintendo Switch in July

Crysis Remastered Coming to Nintendo Switch in July

Crysis set the standard for visuals in FPS games back in 2007, and 13 years later, the game is back again with even better graphics and visual detailing. Crysis Remastered was set to release on the 1st of this month across all the platforms out there. However, developers had to postpone the release following the feedback they received about the game. On the 1st of July, the initial date for the release, the official Twitter handle of Crysis posted a tweet apologizing for the delay and why they are delaying it. But finally, the wait is over. The developers have announced that the game will release on Nintendo Switch on the 23rd of July. This will be the first time a Crysis title is released on this platform.

Crysis Fans,

You may have seen our last update about the Crysis Remastered release, and we have good news for you:

We can confirm that Crysis will still be coming to Nintendo Switch on July 23rd!

Watch this space for further updates.

— Crysis (@Crysis) July 10, 2020

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Developers wish to improve Crysis Remastered before releasing it

Whenever it is Crysis we are talking about, we expect state-of-the-art visuals and gameplay experience. The developers are still working to make the game live up to the expectations we players have from the franchise.

The feedback they received from players about their leaked footage was a mixed one. Some praised it and got nostalgic. While others called it awful.

If the leaked trailer was real, you should scrap the entire game and start working on it hard. No one wants to see better trees and bushes. We want more rich geometry, rich lighting system, rich particle effects. What you’ve leaked is just HORRIBLE.

— Ryan (@sanityenvoy) July 1, 2020

Other platforms not as lucky as Nintendo Switch

In the tweet where the devs announced the delay, they mentioned that this delay will let them get the game up to the standard that we have come to expect from the franchise. They are still working on some issues with the game will release it only when they are satisfied. Devs had added that the pre-order for PC and consoles will be delayed as well. In any case, Crytek is not compromising with the standards.

With promises of a never seen before gaming experience from both the major consoles releasing this year, there is much to hope for this game. Crysis has always pushed the standards of visual spectacle in the gameplay and now we have the hardware to smoothly run it (sorry, “can it run Crysis” jokes are possibly dead). Moreover, the devs have mentioned that they are working hard to get the game to the “PC-and console-breaking standards” we usually associate it with.

Are you excited, Raptor team?