Call of Duty: Warzone Playlist Update Removes Recently Added LTM

Call of Duty: Warzone Playlist Update Removes Recently Added LTM

New playlist updates have been rolled out for Call of Duty Warzone for the week. Infinity Ward made the official announcement on its Twitter handle. Check the updates below.

📢A playlist update for #Warzone is going out now across all platforms! This update removes the BR 200 playlist, adds BR Quads back into the submenu, and brings BR Stimulus Trios into the mix!

— Infinity Ward (@InfinityWard) July 8, 2020

Call of Duty: Warzone – what’s new?

Warzone has been continuously receiving updates over the past few days. Infinity Ward and Activision look to make player’s experience better with each update. They have brought back some fan-favorite game modes and added some new content.

The playlist update for the week is just for Warzone. The update removes the Battle Royale 200 game mode, which was only for quads mode. The new mode brought in 200 players into the match. Naturally, curiosity arose when the announcement was made as to whether that would be too large a number of players in one match. It opened up to mixed reviews mostly. Many loved it, while others wanted to stick with the original number.

The problems can be understood. For instance, with 200 players, matchmaking can be a tad bit slow. The increased number also means an increased match duration. 

Moving on, with the playlist update, the Battle Royale Stimulus Trio will also make a return. This is a good opportunity for all players looking to test their skills. Players can try the mode out with their friends, decide their tactics, and then move on to the full-fledged experience.

Battle Royale Quads will also be added back into the submenu. 

Just a day prior, Infinity Ward announced playlist updates that included Gunfight Tournaments, Dirty Old Houseboat, Realism Gun Game, Bomb Objective Mosh Pit, Plunder: Blood Money Quads, and also removed the Juggernaut Royale. 

A playlist update is deploying now across #ModernWarfare and #Warzone!
– Gunfight Tournaments!
– Dirty Old Houseboat (Shoot House, Rust, Shipment)
– Realism Gun Game
– Bomb Objective Mosh Pit (SnD, Cyber Attack, Demo)
– Plunder: Blood Money Quads
– Removing Juggernaut Royale

— Infinity Ward (@InfinityWard) July 7, 2020

“Even if you lose your first or final round match, there is XP and other cool rewards to be earned. Need some practice? The blueprint Gunfight playlist is staying in the rotation”, Activision wrote on their blog.

Gunfight tournament has a simple premise; win four matches before you lose one for some great rewards. Realism Gun Game features blueprint weapons as you look for your survival.

Many other modes still remain intact even after the update.