Bitcoin crypto mining Michael Bay Is an Epic Creep and We Owe Megan Fox a Huge Apology

Bitcoin crypto mining Michael Bay Is an Epic Creep and We Owe Megan Fox a Huge Apology

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  • Michael Bay is beneath fire for his poisonous habits in opposition to a pair of female actresses.
  • He allegedly sexualized Megan Fox when she change into as soon as 15, then ruined her profession after she criticized him.
  • It’s time to destroy this shocking director.

It’s been a busy week for deplorable males. As a result of Megan Fox, Michael Bay is the next to get his comeuppance.

The director of “Inaccurate Boys,” “Transformers,” and a handful of various formulaic mainstream movies, is being reminded of the time he sexualized a 15-year-stale Megan Fox.

This is one ‘Inaccurate Boy’ that no-one will omit.

bitcoin crypto mining Megan Fox
Does this sound admire the form of guy we must the least bit times quiet snatch round? | Source: Twitter

Bitcoin crypto mining Megan Fox Has Been Warning Us

Megan Fox gets roasted step by step, infrequently for being ‘sizzling.’ She’s regarded as more of a body than an actress.

That’s partly on fable of oldsters can suck, and partly thanks to Michael Bay.

In 2007, Bay allegedly had Fox audition for Transformers by dressing in a bikini and washing his Ferrari in his driveway.

She first met Michael Bay when she change into as soon as 15-years-stale, as an additional in “Inaccurate Boys II.” That’s when he made up our minds it could possibly maybe possibly be a difficult belief for her to dress in a bikini and dance beneath a waterfall.

He change into as soon as 36, and she change into as soon as in tenth grade.

Megan Fox tried to order us over ten years within the past on Jimmy Kimmel. She suggested the story and acknowledged, “and that’s create of a microcosm of how Michael Bay’s solutions works.”

clip from 2009 the build megan fox tells a legend about michael bay sexualising her as a 15 y/o

the group laughs, and kimmel makes deplorable jokes

teen girls being preyed on by older males has by no manner been taken seriously and quiet isn’t

— liz w 🧸 (@reservoird0gs) June 21, 2020

Kimmel laughed it off and acknowledged:

Yeah, properly, that’s in actuality a microcosm of how all our solutions’s works.

The target market cheered. Uh, what?

Fox later acknowledged that Bay change into as soon as a “nightmare to work for,” which ended in this hit fragment from his ‘crew:’

bitcoin crypto mining Michael Bay
Profession takedown, engaged. | Source: Twitter

Bay then claimed that Steven Spielberg demanded he fire Fox from the “Transformers” series.

Michael Bay also body-shamed actress Kate Beckingsale in 2001. When asked why he chose Kate Beckingsale for “Pearl Harbor,” Bay acknowledged:

I didn’t desire somebody who change into as soon as too exquisite.

That’s an acceptable comment from somebody who isn’t too talented.

Bitcoin crypto mining Nobody Is Going to Leave out Michael Bay

Nothing Michael Bay did appears to be illegal. However that doesn’t imply he’s no longer a walk. And why would we desire to grab empowering a walk?

Michael Bay is one among basically the most replaceable folks in Hollywood. Determined, he’s directed blockbuster motion photos. However they weren’t blockbusters on fable of they had been current.

consider spending HOURS on a movie feature filming a scene repeatedly…appropriate to protect statutory r*pe as an various of rising older up a personality two or three years. fuck michael bay.

— be excellent to every reasonably quite loads of. 🎸 (@livi_omg) June 21, 2020

They had been hits thanks to the intercourse, the explosions, the ample directing, and the truth that The US on the total loves garbage.

Transformers is one among basically the most profitable movie franchises of the past 30 years. However that doesn’t imply it change into as soon as difficult.

Rolling Stone movie critic known as Transformers: The Final Knight, “2017’s Most Poisonous Movie.”

Travers persisted,

It’s no longer appropriate that he’s killing the art of films – he’s killing the enjoyment of films as properly. His cynical, untouched-by-human-arms approach to filmmaking is that a sucker is born every minute and he’s here to abet.

If a sucker change into as soon as born every minute in 2017, a walk is canceled every minute in 2020. Michael Bay, your time is up.

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