Bitcoin crypto mining Hideo Kojima Rubbishes P.T. Silent Hill Firing Rumor

Bitcoin crypto mining Hideo Kojima Rubbishes P.T. Silent Hill Firing Rumor

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  • A sleek picture alleges that Hideo Kojima changed into once fired from Konami after the developer used Metal Gear Steady V: The Phantom Bother worth range to place P.T. Silent Hills.
  • Kojima’s vogue group of workers Kojima Productions has been compelled to express the allegations.
  • Nonetheless, whereas this could per chance well no longer were the true motive Kojima changed into once fired, that doesn’t place the game developer a saint.

On June 19, 2020, French publication printed a picture alleging that Hideo Kojima developed P.T. Silent Hills without Konami’s data. Kojima left Konami in December 2015, true 14 months after P.T. Silent Hills changed into once launched.

Bitcoin crypto mining Document Alleges that Kojima Extinct MGS Funds to Private P.T. Silent Hills

The picture also alleges that Konami fired Kojima after discovering that he had used segment of Metal Gear Steady V: The Phantom Bother’s worth range to place the fright game demo. Metal Gear Steady V: The Phantom Bother changed into once famously over-worth range. Other rumors had suggested that this worth range contributed to Konami and Kojima’s destroy-up.

Kojima Productions tweetKojima Productions tweet
Kojima Productions denies the picture. Source: Twitter

The true clarification for Konami and Kojima’s less-than-amicable split has by no way been formally confirmed. Nonetheless, the secretive vogue of P.T. Silent Hills isn’t the motive. On Twitter, Kojima Productions global head of communications, Jay Boor, said that the picture is “categorically spurious.”

Followers of Kojima’s seem like respiration a insist of liberate at this denial. Kojima’s supporters are utterly jubilant that the frail game developer’s reputation stays intact. Some like also long gone to this point as sending insults to’s Twitter page.

Whereas Kojima might per chance well no longer like misappropriated funds from his frail employer, that doesn’t place him a saint. Kojima has caught flak loads of events in the previous.

Bitcoin crypto mining Kojima Prompted Controversy Over Composed’s Persona Glean

In 2013, Kojima changed into once heavily criticized for his portrayal of female sniper Composed in Metal Gear Steady V: The Phantom Bother. Composed wears next to no clothing as she breathes through her pores and skin and would suffocate if dressed because it’d be for fight. Kojima said that her personality possess changed into once “an antithesis to the ladies folks characters appeared in the previous combating game who’re excessively exposed.”

an editorial by The Subsequent Web.

Kojima also divided conception with Death Stranding, which changed into once assessment bombed by unhappy gamers. The clarification for these damaging experiences changed into once that the game is a “strolling simulator” and offered very petite action gameplay. Every to their own, nonetheless it absolutely exhibits that Kojima isn’t the Teflon-coated story that many seem to mediate he’s.

If anything else, the P.T. Silent Hills debacle serves as a reminder that no entertainment figure is ideally suited. Kojima might per chance well no longer were in the horrifying this time, nonetheless he, nor any utterly different video game developer needs to be handled worship they’re repeatedly in the legal.

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